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How To Help A Sister In A Difficult Personal Situation

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  • How To Help A Sister In A Difficult Personal Situation

    Last edited by AdabWaAkhlaq; 24-09-18, 06:14 PM.

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    Re: How To Help A Sister In A Difficult Personal Situation

    If your not immediate family and your not a mehram to her
    Then theres obviously limitations

    Depending on the scenario and situation your responsibilities and help will differ

    In this case i would say just ask family members if there is any thing u can do to help whether it be taking kids to school or helping with shopping or moral support and advice
    Just be free to help
    The ummah is one body
    So just be there to help for whatever the family need

    In terms of limitations i would refrain asking too much about the situation or incidents also give them their own space

    Also do not tell loads of people about the situation unless obviously the sister wants to make it aware what has happened


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      Re: How To Help A Sister In A Difficult Personal Situation

      AsSalaam Alaykum,

      May Allah ease the affairs of sister and her family, Ameen.

      Your gender is unspecified and I don't know where you are in the world, if your are a non mahram brother there's nothing you can really do for her practically except maybe offer any zakat (if you financially fall into the fard zakat that is) if she is financially in difficulty (though even then she may not accept it) - however you can make dua for her as much as you can.

      As her family know and helped her leave the abuse inshaAllah they will be willing to support her. If her family made you aware of her situation then you could offer advice to her family members to suggest to her, she may benefit from counselling to deal with and process what has happened and her feelings a psychological impacts it caused (in UK there are support networks/groups in place for DV victims/survivors-things like "the freedom program" and "women's aid" , inshaAllah maybe wherever you are also has such support ).

      Not many people feel comfortable telling there family about it whereas counselling is confidential and so people find it helpful, and some not)

      If you are a sister you could offer more practical support- befriend her and let her know your happy to help in whatever way you can/she needs- I am sure she will be happy with this, I know I would be. Don't ask about her situation but allow her to talk if she doe open up. People deal with situations differently so play it by how she reacts.