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    Asalamu alaykum,

    I have no knowledge yet I can see that the Hadith clearly states "My Ummah"!

    I ask, how can this be referring to disbelievers?

    As salafee posts some article which appears to me to twist the clear meaning of the word Ummah so that it can claim that the other 72 sects of the Prophet's Ummah are disbelievers. This sounds like a joke, no?

    Why change the meaning of the words "My Ummah" mentioned in the Hadith to meet some preconceived ideas that you are trying to promote?

    I ask, why would the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam say the disbelievers are from his Ummah?

    This explanation of the The Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa does not make any sense to me.

    Alhamdolillah the following makes far more sense:

    Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad al-Sirhindi
    (d. 1034/1624; Rahimahullah) who is regarded by many people in the Indian sub-continent as a great renovator of the Tenth Islamic Century (Mujaddid alf Thani) wrote in his Maktubat (Vol. 3, Letter 38):

    "It was declared in a Hadith that this Ummah would part into 73 groups, 72 of which would go to Hell. This Hadith informs us that the 72 groups will be tormented in the Fire of Hell. It does not inform us that they will remain in torment eternally. Remaining in the torment of Hell Fire eternally is for those who do not have Iman. That is, it is for disbelievers. The 72 groups, on account of their corrupt beliefs, will go to Hell and will burn as much as the corruptness of their beliefs. One group, the 73rd, will be saved from Hell Fire because their belief is not corrupt. If among the members of this one group there are those who committed evil deeds and if these evil deeds of theirs have not been forgiven through repentance or intercession, it is possible that these, too, will burn in Hell as much as their sins. All of those who are in the 72 groups will go to Hell. But none of them will remain in Hell eternally. Not all of those who are in this one group will go to Hell. Of these only those who have committed evil deeds will go to Hell. The 72 reported groups of bid'ah, which will go to Hell, should not be called disbelievers, because they are Ahl al-Qibla (people of the Qibla in prayer). But, of these, the ones who disbelieve those facts in the Deen that are indispensably required to be believed, as well as those who deny the rules of the Shari'ah which every Muslim has heard and knows, become disbelievers."
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    Wahhabis Refuted


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      are u ppl ahlul fitna,not good enough u should take lightly issues of grave concern to muslim ummah
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        ~Opens the window of the room~

        Sorry, Still had to open... cuz I felt a lot of heat in this area of the forums once I entered even tho the weather in my area is darn freezing.

        Right, so the heat is on..... I mean on, on the same old stuff, kinda "I'm right and you all are wrong".

        Say: Allahu rabbuna wa rabbukum, lana a'maaluma walakum a'maalukum, laa hujjata baynana wa baynakum.

        ~ Allahi yahdeek.
        لا أريد مِنْكُمْ جَزَاء وَلا شُكُورًا


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          Uh, i think the question was asking WHATS THE DIFFERENCE*random game show music* and i'll love to know, i never heard of Salfi's eh and wahabi's to, all i kno is Shia's so what makes y'all different from Sunnis:)



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            salafis and wahabis are different from ahlul sunnah wal jamaa'h. they have a different methodolgy in matters of fiqh ad have a different aqeedah. therfore they are not sunnis.
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              Get a life, As Salafi

              Hey As Salafee

              You are just a looser and a :wacko: just like all salafis and wahhabis.
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                whats with all this salafi bashing. why do you point out what you disagree and percieve to be unislamic rather then calling them names.
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                  why !

                  because we are in a time that the truth should be out that islam is a religion of peace and love. salafis and wahhabis distroted the image of islam among muslims and non muslims. they are people of fitna and jadal ( argument ). they turned muslims and non muslims away from islam. they make muslims paranoid about other muslimd being hypocrites and mushriks. they are even paranoid about people from among their school. they dont accept anyone but themselves as muslims.they are :wacko: 's.
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                    Criticism of Wahhabi Islam Rising in Saudi Arabia
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