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Seeking Help Regarding a Negligent Parent (When It Comes to Islam)

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  • Seeking Help Regarding a Negligent Parent (When It Comes to Islam)

    As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtuhu,

    (Some background)

    I'm 22 and still live with my mother and siblings and (In Shaa Allah) I'm moving out next week. Alhamdullilah. My mother had a very spotty upbringing when it comes to Muslims and because of that she doesn't follow Islam as best she could. I don't doubt what she endured and her past struggles but there comes a time when you have to get help, overcome your issues, and move forward with life. We were raised with the love of Allah but we were never given proper knowledge and or a fair chance at learning our Deen early on. Alhamdullilah Allah Azza wa Jal has guided me back to the Deen after living a wayward life (not being taught much of anything of significance and having NO islam around me), and I can now see the errors around me. My younger brother who's 10 is very lazy; due to the lack of unity he's allowed to be and I've been teaching him Islam for years now and he's progressing but at a very slow rate at this time and as I aforementioned I'm moving next week (In Shaa Allah). I worry about his future and his Islam.

    I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to come at the situation b/c quite frankly my mother is and has been standing in the way of this boy becoming a Hazif and knowing his Deen; even to the point where she interrupts our Qur'an sessions and stops other things pertaining to Islam for silly dunya matters. She's combative and her views are tainted so me simply speaking to her about it is out of the question because she doesn't listen. Please if anyone has any advice I'd really like to hear it!

    Jazakumullah khairan.

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    Re: Seeking Help Regarding a Negligent Parent (When It Comes to Islam)

    Talk about tawheed paradise and hell and the seerah
    So that gains love for Allah and islam and teach you brother these things as welll these are vital as a muslim at the same try make sure your brother prays you will have to work on your mothet slowly but dont do halal haram halal haram go slow and get her to love islam first