I am looking for volunteers for a non profit company i am launching in the winter. The idea occurred to me in November last year. Its called ihsan initiative. The premise is creating platform for muslim to inspire one another to greatness in deen and dunya.

Alhamdulla, I am going to launch a 'ted talk' style event called Ihsan Talks - this winter. In partnership with a mosque to raise money for refurbishment and for more causes.

I am looking for anyone who want to speak and share their story.

The theme is legacy.

I am currently working on getting sponsorship for the event. i want to work with muslim businesess who want to sponsor good cause.

The goal is to host this event globally raising money for good causes and charites. London is the start. :D

we need to build team for all host of jobs such as web design, spreading invite and content creation for blog.

send me message on here if you are keen on helping out.


please join and add brothers and sisters in respective groups

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1230...ce=create_flow ( Brothers)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1230...ce=create_flow (sisters)