I suffer heavily from waswas to the extent that whenever I think about Allah, I wonder whether what I'm saying is bad, sometimes I even doubt the statements I state. "Fake" doubt has been cast into my mind and it annoys me. For example, When I say Allah is untouchable and can do anything, something makes me feel like what I said was wrong, so immediately I seek forgiveness from Allah, while feeling doubtful I immediately seek Allah's mercy. Someone tell me, am i actually a non-Muslim or am I a Muslim, I pray 5 times a day and still have these doubts and thoughts, I can't stop them, whenever I feel like theyre coming back and try to avoid them, the thoughts come again and it makes me feel like I believe them and that I'm no longer Muslim, that happens during Salah and outside of salah. I'm going mental because of it. I have faith in Allah but these thoughts are playing with me to the extent whether I actually question whether I'm actually Muslim.

Someone help me, im praying to Allah while wondering whether I doubt them or not, sometimes I feel like I believe them but I instantly pull myself together. I hate these dumb thoughts but they just keep coming and it increases everyday I say the shahadah every 5 minutes because of the thoughts and things that enter my chest