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I haven't talked to my brother for years

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    Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

    Ask him to help you with something.
    In helping you out, a connection will be made and conversation is the result.
    And the thunder exalts [ Allah ] with praise of Him - and the angels [as well] from fear of Him - and He sends thunderbolts and strikes therewith whom He wills while they dispute about Allah ; and He is severe in assault


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      Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

      Sound like a big case of ego getting gin the way. You both live together, you can't remember the incident but no one wants to break the silent because that would mean they are weak. Recognize what is preventing you from talking to him is your ego. Push that aside & start with giving salam to him when you see him even if he is with people or not. Next ask him, how are you? or How was your day

      You don't need to start with long conversation. Start small, simple conversation. He might not respond at first because you will catch him off guard. Give him some time to let it sink in and let him respond back to your salam or say "day was good". Then you can bring up other matters


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        Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

        Best thing to do is get your mum to talk to both of you, she should initiate a conversation when both of you are in the room. That will break the ice. All this talk of giving gifts and spilling drinks is . .
        Women lost their modesty when men lost their gheerah..” .


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          Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

          Maybe buy food and share em with your brother.
          Have something in common to talk to with him also.
          Can pick the right time and moment to "spark" the conversation.
          Remember not to repeat the same thing that caused this in the first place.
          Allah Subḥānahu wa-taʿālā has mentioned in the Quran in chapter Surah Al-Ahzab:21 There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.


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            Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

            Originally posted by babadods View Post
            a little too romantic ... with brothers it's weird they don't really do that especially if there isn't much of a age gap maybe with sisters it's all romance etc but with bros its diff
            Really, I wouldnt have thought like that, because giving gifts is sunnah and one should look at it like that and there is wisdom behind it.

            He could give something appropriate, just like how normal families do.
            “Mix with the noble people, you become one of them; and keep away from evil people so that you protect yourself from their evils.”

            Hadhrat Ali (Radiallahu anhu)


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              Re: I haven't talked to my brother for years

              I had that same problem.
              You must build your imane up and fear Allah swt.
              Than you must reminder its a big sin and your prayers will not accepted (?????)
              Begin with something small to say and every day you build up. But you must talk to each other every day. Then there comes a moment in your life that this problem is forgotten inshallah.