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Hidradenitis suppurativa

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  • Hidradenitis suppurativa


    Does anyone have this, Hidradenitis suppurativa?
    If so, what do you do to manage it?
    Link to Nhs site on it -

    I know making du'aa and also the advice docs/specialists/nhs site etc helps, Alhamdulillah.. but was just wondering if anyone actually has this? And how much it impacts you/how severe/debilitating it is? And anything you've found that helps?
    And with Him are the keys of the Ghayb (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in the land and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but He knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record”
    [al-An’aam 6:59]