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Relationship with non-muslim woman and invite her to islam

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  • Relationship with non-muslim woman and invite her to islam

    Assalmoe aleikom,

    I want to take advise from muslim brothers and sisters on the following issue. Insh Allah you are able to provide me with a good reply.

    Unfortunately i have been in a relation with a non-muslim girl for couple
    of years. At that time i wasn't practising as a muslim and i know now that
    it was not the good thing to do. Now last 4,5 months our contact has been
    severed due to problems with her parents. She didn't call me or contact me
    and in this time i made dua to ALlah that in the case that she wasn't to
    become a muslima that i wanted her never return back to me. But after a
    few weeks she contacted me and to my opinion it was like there was nothing
    wrong when we had a conversation on the phone. But still i made another
    dua that i dont wanted her to contact me in whatever form if she didn't
    want to enter islam. I don't know if this dua i made is prohibited or not.

    Anyway after that again we didn't have any contact and i decided to send
    her a letter to invite her to islam and asked her to go on with her life
    if she didn't want to become a muslima. But after 4 or 5 days she
    contacted me and we would meet each other in a couple of weeks. But again
    after this call i never heard something from her. It is strange because we
    never had any fight or discussions and she was clearly happy with me and
    in my opinion she isn't an arrogant person.

    About her: She is a girl or woman who was happy to stay at home and didn't
    do all the things many other non-muslims girls in Europe do, like going to
    the club, having bad friends, drinking etc. She is also an obedient girl
    and if i asked her something she would do it and she would insist that i
    should make decisions. To me that means she is not arrogant, but on the
    other hand i don't understand her behaviour for constantly not contacting
    me. We barely spoke about islam with each other and that is something i
    really regret. I have to say that i made earlier dua's to Allah
    to show me signs if she wanted to follow islam but i didn't got and
    answer or i failed in seeing it.

    My question now is :

    Should i contact her and talk to her again and invite her to islam or
    should i abandon her? I can't answer this question by myself since i have
    had different signals from her. I dont want to risk that i contact her and
    she doesn't answer my calls.

    I will respect your answer and i will do as you advise me.

    Jazakullahu ghairan

    M from Holland