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Wazifa For Getting A Child in quran

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  • Wazifa For Getting A Child in quran

    There should be no doubt that children are the adornment of the house.Kids always can cause happiness at home.There are so many infertile mothers in hard need of having a Child. Many-a-times, few mothers gives birth but their child has died.she loses her hope and she is disappointed.But this is not just to be disappointed because Allah is great and his cast is big great.

    Here is the wazifa for getting a child step by step.
    First of all,make ablution.
    Take a clean white paper, and write this taweez on this paper from zafran.
    And dissolved this taweez in water.
    And then you have to read Ayatul Kursi seven times on this water.
    And drink this water for seven days.

    Inshallah, Allah will give them a baby
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