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Furussiya : Arabic Martial arts

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  • Furussiya : Arabic Martial arts

    Furūsiyya ( فروسية) is the historical Arabic term for knightly martial exercise during the Middle Ages, during the Crusades and Mamluk period in particular, especially concerned with the martial arts and equestrianism of the Golden Age of Islam. The body of Arabo-Persian "Furūsiyya literature" includes the genre Faras-nāma, which is an encyclopedic compilation of facts relating to horses.

    It was a concept and noble art that included the arts of war and hunting, equestrianism, tactics and strategy, and certain games like chess. This art was practiced throughout the Muslim world, and saw its greatest achievement in Mamluk Egypt during the 14th century. It was part of a larger regional phenomenon of Western Eurasia that included European knighthood of the time.

    The term is a derivation of faras (a horse), and in modern Standard Arabic means "equestrianism" in general. The term for "horseman" or "knight" is fāris, which is also the origin of the Spanish rank of Alférez.

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    Great info! I've never heard about any specific Arabic martial arts but I really want to know about it. I've read a post about Krav Maga, does it has Arabic origin too?
    Proper physical training is very important, especially for men. If you are going to engage in one of