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  • Skitrip

    Salam dear brothers and sisters,

    I am a new member from Marocco, currently living with my husband in Germany.
    He is German, but converted 7 Years ago.

    I have a bit unusal question!
    I wear khimar, niqab and gloves.
    I think it's mustahab, inshaallah!

    So here is my problem...
    I have two adorable nieces, who live near the austrian mountains.
    They love to play in the snow with a sledge or skiing.

    Is it Ok, for me to wear war opaque Ski clothinng, with a helmet (with dark tainted goggles),
    Ski Gloves and a balaclava to cover my face...?

    You cant see the figure outlines etc..

    Thank you for your opinnions.

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    Re: Skitrip

    I would advise that this is not the best place to ask fatwa related questions.That's because it is a very specific question and no one can give a ruling of haram or halal except a scholar. (It seems the ski suit is made of spandex and it would cause the body to show)?

    Guidelines for hijab:

    (It should cover all the body apart from whatever has been exempted).

    (It should not be an adornment in and of itself).

    (It should be thick and not transparent or “see-thru”)

    (It should be loose, not tight so that it describes any part of the body).

    (It should not resemble the clothing of men)

    Taken from:
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