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Committing sin in fear of neglectance

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  • Committing sin in fear of neglectance

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarahkatuh my brothers and sisters.

    I'm an ex-atheist sister who reverted just over 2 years ago Alhumdulilah. Although ever since I adopted a muslim way of life, I've faced allot of backlash from my family because of it. I'm in this incredibly difficult situation and living in a non-muslim country I know of only one or two muslims who I've openly talked about this with. My parents are very racist and Islamaphobic. My parents are aware of my reversion to Islam, and my mother argued with me many times because of it, she has abused me and threatened to throw me out of the house for it. She curses Allah and often mocks Islam. I would never hurt my mother and I love her very much, and I always remain patient during these situations. My mother does not allow me to cover up and often forces pork/alcohol/haram upon me, and she becomes very concerned when I refuse. I have to pray Salat secretly in my room so that she does not find out.

    Unfortunately some times there is no way around it and I have to do things against my religion otherwise I will be kicked out the house, and I repent to Allah afterwards. I only have to obey my mother because I am waiting 1-2 years to move out. I'm currently too young to live on my own, and my parents are providing for me financially. I try my best to remain patient and make due to Allah that her heart is guided to the truth of Islam.

    What should I possibly to in my situation?
    Will Allah s.w.t forgive me if I commit a sin without intending to, out of fear for being kicked out?

    Keep me in your dua's.
    JazakAllahu khair, All help is much appreciated.

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    Re: Committing sin in fear of neglectance

    You will be forgiven, yes.

    It's a hard situation, I'm not sure what exactly you should do, but show them that Islam makes you a better person, because it's true.
    Even when they are mean to you and mock Islam, you should maybe find some money you have and buy your mother a gift and tell her you love her.
    If she asks why, say that rasulallah(salallahu alayhi wa sallam) used to be like this to people who were harassing him.


    Are your parents atheists? And how old are you?
    Say what somebody can do instead of the haram if you want to help.