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Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)

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  • Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)

    The following is a true story which seems to be from Madinah, Saudi Arabia. It's well written and definitely worth it to read:

    A female da'iyah (caller to Islam) relates the following true story from which we may learn many important lessons. Of the things that stood out for me is how one's perception of things changes, depending on how close they are to Allah.

    This is about a pious and righteous young woman (and this is how we perceive her, while Allah is her Judge); she loves the night and her heart is attached to the Hereafter. When darkness falls, she stands (in prayer), regardless of season and no matter how long or short the night is. The sound of water drops are often heard in the calm of the last part of the night as a result of her wudu (ablution). Her happiness and contentment is in qiyam al-layl (night prayer), in the recitation of the Book of Allah, in her calling upon Allah and addressing her tahajjud and du'a.

    She never leaves optional fasts, whether at home or while traveling. Her face glows with the light of ta'ah (obedience to Allah) and the sweetness of guidance.

    {You see them bowing and prostrating [in prayer], seeking bounty from Allah and [His] pleasure. Their mark is on their faces from the trace of prostration.} (48:29)

    That day came; it was the will of Allah from above the seven heavens that a suitor asked for hand in marriage. They said he was "practicing" and he prayed, so she agreed to the marriage, after seeking Allah's guidance (istikharah) and turning to Him.

    The people of her city were accustomed to having the wedding party begin at midnight and end with the adhan of Fajr. However, the young woman made it a condition that by midnight, the wedding party had to be over and she had to be in her husband's home. No one but her mother knew the secret behind that condition. Everyone was asking why and you could see confusion and shock in their faces.

    Her family tried to change her mind; after all, this was a time of joy that would not be repeated, and it was the custom of her people. But she insisted saying, if you don't agree with my request, I won't have a wedding reception! So the family grudgingly agreed.

    {But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you} (2:216)

    Days and months passed, and finally, the wedding date was set. The young woman only increased in Iman and piety (faith and piety) during that time; she continued to call upon her Lord during the darkness of the nights. She found all her happiness and contentment in standing before Allah. The greatest joy and sweetness she experienced was at that time. That time when she could feel the (spiritual) breezes of the last third of the night, when her hands would be dyed (covered) with tears, when her sincere supplications would ascend to the heavens, when she would ask Allah for tawfeeq (success).

    The days passed, then one beautiful moonlit night, the clock struck nine; beautiful fragrances emanated to perfume the air, beautiful voices and the sound of the duff could be heard, for the bride was going to be presented to the groom during a joyous celebration.

    Everyone was repeating, May Allah shower you with His blessings and may both of you live in harmony and in happiness. What a wonderful wife, what a glowing face, which glowed from the noor of ta'ah and sweetness of love. The groom enters and is blown away by the radiating noor (light) and beautiful glow...(he saw) a young woman, more beautiful than the moon...Allah had clothed her with the beauty of ta'ah, the light of love and the splendor of truthfulness and sincerity.

    What a fortunate groom; he married a chaste (pure), believing and pious woman. Glad tidings for that heart which had submitted itself to Allah and worshipped Him out of obedience and hoping to earn nearness to Him. It was almost midnight; the groom took the bride's hand and they entered the car. He was filled with all sorts of emotions and mixed feelings; he felt exhilarated and filled with joy and his heart beating with happiness. He had a strong feeling that something great was about to happen. It was as though some noor was with them in the car. He had never seen such radiance nor beauty as he did in his bride. Something told him in his heart that he had just won the world and all that it contains.

    The couple proceeded toward their home, and what a wonderful home it is that houses a person such as this young woman. (It is) a body that walks on the earth and a soul that circles the Throne (of Allah)... glad tidings to such a home and to such a husband.

    They entered the home. She was overcome with modesty and shyness. Not long after, she entered her room; a room which she had pictured as being a place from which she would find happiness and where her hopes and desires would be fulfilled. From there would be the best beginning; this would be the place of refuge for her and her beloved, where they would both stand before Allah and pray during the late hours of the night.

    This is where her musalla (place of prayer) would be, where her mushaf (Quran) would be; how much her sajjadah will be covered in tears of fear and taqwa (of Allah)...This room will tremble from the supplications and recitations of this young will be beautified with her miswak...these were her dreams and hopes...and what hopes they are!

    Her eyes wandered across the room; she looked around the room which was beautified with her fresh smile; she looked around, and shyly avoided her husband's fixed look at her. She looked up, and something caught her attention; she stayed put in her place. It was as though an arrow had pierced her body and reached her insides due to what she saw in a corner of the room. (She thought) is this real (what I see), what is this? Where am I? How? Why? Where is what they said about him?
    Her mind was scattered and she looked around in shock; she looked around, not believing what she saw. O my Lord! There was an 'oud (string instrument) in the room...O my Lord, it's music!

    It's a musical instrument! Her hopes that she had pictured in her mind were shattered...she was overcome with, astaghfirullah...she stole a glance toward her husband...his appearance was sufficient an answer... There was quiet in the room...O my Lord, I can't take it anymore! She held back a tear that was about to drop and sighed, all praise belongs to Allah under all circumstances...only Allah knows the unseen.
    She hung her head and you could see shame and sorrow on her face. She turned toward her husband, avoiding eye contact. She walked with steps that were made heavy by fear and doubts.She remained silent and concealed her rage.

    Patience was her ally, wisdom was her way and being a good wife was her methodology.

    {...but give good tidings to the patient,
    Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."
    Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.} (2:155-157)

    She told herself (far from emotion), take it easy and be calm; you need to be patient and wise and be a good wife to this husband, no matter what he is and what happens. Who knows, perhaps his guidance will be at your hands, if you are patient and are the best wife to him.

    They spoke with each other, and she gave short looks toward him. There were visible signs of confusion, modesty and shyness in her facial expression, and it was clear that she was shocked and vulnerable. The time slowly passed until the night was almost over. Her husband's mind was blown away by her gorgeous appearance and radiant face.

    The last third of the night approached, the lover yearned for his beloved, but Allah caused the husband to feel sleepy. He was unable to stay awake and fell off into a deep sleep. She remained calm and could hear his breathing become regular...this was an indication that he was indeed asleep. She covered him up with a blanket, prayed for him and kissed him on the forehead. She walked away from him and longed for her truly beloved; she rushed to her musalla, as if her soul was fluttering into the heavens.

    The husband describes how that night was for him. He says, That night, I felt a strong desire to sleep even though I really wanted to spend the night with her; but Allah willed, and I was overtaken by sleep in spite of my desire. Subhanallah, I don't recall having such a deep and comfortable sleep before that night. I was in a deep sleep, then I all of a sudden realized it and opened my eyes.
    I didn't find my wife next to me; I looked around the room and couldn't see her. I slowly got up, while I wondered many things; maybe she was too shy and preferred to sleep elsewhere...that's what crossed my mind... I opened the door and there was absolute calm and silence. Darkness covered the place... I walked on my toes, out of fear of waking her, then all of a sudden, it was her face glowing in the dark! I was struck by her beauty, but not physical beauty and that of appearance. She was in her prayer amazing...she wouldn't leave qiyam, even on her wedding night!

    I remained observing everything from a distance. I went closer, and there she was, bowing and prostrating. She prolonged her recitation, then followed it up with prolonged rukoo' and sujood. She stood there before her Lord, hands raised.

    O my Lord! It was the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. It was even more beautiful than her site when she was dressed in her wedding clothes. The beauty gave pleasure to my heart and eyes. I felt complete love for her, and it took over my entire being. Moments later, she raised her head from sujood, then said the salam, looking right, then left. My wife figured out what was going on. She grabbed hold of my hand and I felt her warmth and noticed her loving looks. She was wrapped up in her jilbab. She ran her soft hands over my head, while smiling, trying hard not to show what was in her heart.

    She whispered in my ear, as she played with her sajjadah with the fingertips of her other hand, I didn't want my beloved (ie the husband) to keep me from my first beloved (ie Allah). I was taken aback and indeed pleased with these words which touched my heart. When I heard those words, I couldn't look up, out of shyness and shame for what I was in.

    He continued, even though she was a new bride, not even three months had passed since our marriage, as was her habit, she found contentment in the folds of the night and the twilight of darkness. At that time, I was far from Allah, spending my nights with music and singing.

    She was the best wife to me; she treated me with gentleness, was soft, warm and kind. She went out of her way to look after and make me smile. It was as though she was saying to me (through her actions), here I am, doing what I can for you, what have you done for me?

    She didn't say a word, even though she knew my state well. She would welcome me with the the most beautiful words (expressing a longing to be with me), like a lover returning to his beloved from a long journey, not one who is returning after just a few hours. She brought me happiness through her beautiful and sweet words, her calm and wonderful character and her wonderful treatment and interaction. I loved her with such a love that possessed my entire being and heart.

    One day, I returned late at night from one of my useless gatherings; during those hours when our Lord calls out, is there anyone calling upon Me, so I can respond to him? I went to my room and didn't find my wife there, so I left the room and closed the door quietly. I navigated my way through the darkness, trying not to stumble. Ahhhhh...I thought I heard a whisper; a voice knocking on my ears and resonating in my mind. I turned on a dim light and took light steps...all of a sudden, I heard a beautiful recitation of the Quran, the likes of which I have never heard before. The recitation shook him. It seems the voice was coming from an adjoining room. I shyly turned around. My eyes caught a dark and empty place; it seemed like a light was emanating from it, ascending to the heavens. I looked carefully; her hands were raised. I approached and went close to her, quietly, and tried to listen to her du'a.

    Ya Allah, she singled me out, even before herself; she asked for me, before asking for herself. I smiled, I cried, I was overcome with mixed emotions. I saw a sparkle in her eyes and looked at her carefully; tears were rolling down her cheeks, as if they pearls falling from a broken necklace. Sobbing, she asked Allah and supplicated for me in an audible voice. She was clearly sad, repeating her request to Allah. Her whimpering and crying were heart wrenching. My heart was racing, my hands shook, my feet were heavy and my tears almost caused me to choke. Your mercy O Allah, Your mercy!

    Where have I been all these days and months, with regard to this loving, giving, patient and tender wife? She gives me all I need throughout the day, and when night falls, I leave her all alone at home, breaking her heart and causing her pain. Then, when I return from my corrupt night, there she is standing and praying for me before Allah.
    During that difficult moment, I couldn't hold back my tears. I put my head between my knees, gathering my tears which seemed to wash away all my wrongs. It was as though all the evil and hypocrisy in me was coming out with the tears. My eyes were softened with tears, after they had complained of drought and turning away (from Allah).

    I don't know if it was due to sadness over my miserable state and her being tried with someone like me or due to happiness over my current state which indicates the goodness in her and her piety. My Lord! The earth has closed in on me in spite of its vastness.

    What an amazing woman; whenever I entered the home, she showed happiness and joy and served me and tried to keep me happy. I was mesmerized and under the spell of her words and beautiful character. Whenever I left the home, she cried and became sad, supplicating to Allah for me, in all sincerity.
    By Allah, during those moments, it was as though she gifted me the treasures of the world. I loved her completely, and she possessed my heart and being.

    Soon after, the announcer from the house of Allah called out, come to salah, come to success. I hesitantly left, her beautiful image lighting the way for me. I prayed Fajr that day, like I have never prayed before. The darkness of the night was going and the light of day was appearing. As the sun slowly rose, a new soul was also rising.

    This was the beginning of a breakthrough. The husband came to his senses; he sought Allah's forgiveness and repented to Him, turning to Him, by the grace and favour of Allah, the favour of that righteous wife. That wife who called him (d'awah) to tawbah and righteousness through her actions, not her words, and through her kind treatment. The husband was sincere and true in his tawbah; he began seeking knowledge, attending circles of knowledge, lectures and Quran lessons.

    A few years later, and with the encouragement of this blessed wife, he began teaching, inviting to Allah and delivering lectures; he became one of the most prominent du'at in Madinah.

    Whenever he was asked about his guidance during his lessons, he would say, I am proud that I was guided at the hands of my wife, and I am honoured by that.

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    Re: Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)


    An inspiring read.



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      Re: Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)

      Beautiful story
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][B][U][CENTER]Oh Allah, in your name, I die and live.[/CENTER][/U][/B][/FONT][/SIZE]

      [B][CENTER]Ya Allah, Grant Me A Heart That Sees[/CENTER][/B]


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        Re: Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)



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          Re: Story of a pious young woman and her patience. (Good read)


          May Allah grant everyone pious spouses & also make them their pathways to Jannah



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