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The grave and judgement day

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  • The grave and judgement day

    In our religion we believe that the state of the grave is the first place where we will find the following good or bad based on what happens there.
    So if someone has receieved Allah's mercy and blessings in the grave, that means they will go to jannah? So why will they be scared about it on judgement day (heaven or hell issue as if uncertain)?
    Is it possible for a Muslim soul to be taken out by the angel punishment but they can still be freed from punishment in the grave?
    Like when the believers make dua for them?
    And we can assume if the angel of mercy comes for the believer that they will definitely receieve jannah and no punishment?

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    Re: The grave and judgement day

    No offence but it sounds a little arrogant to assume such things.
    Umar, ra, a great companion, used to wonder whether he was on the list of hypocrites even though he was of the 10 guaranteed Paradise and even then, he ra, continued to do good till death came. Then you have other companions, ra, then you have prophets, as. They continued doing good until death came.
    So it's not right that we, who are not even in the league of companions or prophets consider ourselves good enough for Paradise.
    Paradise has levels, don't you want the highest?
    Keep working on it.
    The things you mention are matters of Ghaib, they are unseen to us in this life.
    Besides once death comes, you won't be able to do anymore deeds. So why gamble on your outcome when you can prepare in the best way possible.



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