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    Re: Papa Turk

    I'm Turkish, so maybe I can clarify a few things. Basically, it all depends mostly on which region of Turkey you would want to move to.

    The West/Aegean Coast (esp. Izmir, Aydin) and the South/Mediterranean coast (esp. Antalya, Alanya) are kemalist, secularist territories. Needless to say, very unislamic/anti-islamic regions. Same goes for Northern Cyprus, which is an independent state, though.

    The Northern Coast-line/Black Sea region (stretching from Istanbul to the very North-East of Turkey) is host to both pious Muslims as well as hardcore Nationalists. Worst place there would be Samsun. The best city there (for now) would be Trabzon, but that city is slowly transforming for the worse too. Anti-Arab sentiment is increasing there too together with Arab presence and Syrian refugees. Overall this region is not exactly...foreigner friendly I'd say and my family is from there, so I'm quite familiar with it. (Barely) tolerable for Turkish Muslims, probably not so for others.

    The east and southeast regions of Turkey are full of PKK-terrorists and is thus very unsafe. Not very Islamic either, of course.

    Central Turkey (e.g. Konya, Kayseri) is definitely one of the more Muslim friendly regions of Turkey, but don't expect too much. Konya is pretty much the capital of Sufism, though. So if you don't like Sufism, it's not the place for you, since you'll find all sorts of Sufis there, including the extreme ones that resemble pagans. Alhamdulillah Turkey has no Salafi problem, but Sufism is quite influential, unfortunately. You'll also find a lot of alewites and pagan practices here, especially in the rural areas. Practices like fortune telling In general though, you should find a relatively calm place here to practice Islam. For Turkish standards.

    Oh and Ankara is a city of 4 million people. So you are bound to find pious Muslims there, but it's a melting pot, so you'll also find Nationalists and Kemalists and the latter ones are dominant. So yeah.

    Lastly there is the European part of Turkey and the surrounding areas of Istanbul. Don't bother with the European part. Very unislamic, very kemalist. Istanbul is a gigantic city with ca. 14 million inhabitants. You'll find all sorts of people there. But remember that the kemalists and secularists are dominant there too. It is there country.

    Bursa, a major city close to Istanbul, is in general relatively Muslim friendly and has pretty high living standards too. Again, don't expect a pious Muslim majority. You won't find it. Otherwise, nice city. Certainly liveable.

    In conclusion I'd say if you're considering to start a new life in Turkey, don't bother with places outside of Istanbul, Bursa, Central Turkey and Trabzon (if you're Turkish). And remember to not expect too much. This isn't the Ottoman caliphate anymore. It's the Neo-Turkish Republic of Turkey.

    If you're somewhat sensitive like me, you wouldn't want to live there , though. Especially with all these images and statues of Mustafa Kemal, the Jewish pig "greeting" you on every corner, in every official building. Even in rural villages.