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I'm very worried about my brother.....

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  • I'm very worried about my brother.....

    My brother and I haven't talked properly in brother goes to the high school i used to go to before i went to alternative school and then moved to a school in another district......i remember that school was particularly harsh and unfriendly....even to this brother is always studying and going to wrestling team tournaments 24/7, and is always....always....always studying....he is constantly screaming, venting off and ranting to my mother about the school and about his workload.....he gets very mean and aggressive, and it scares also makes me concerned for, and as we brother was/is ranting.....he complains about his pressure,and how he needs to get into a good college (he named georgia tech and university of georgia) mother tried calming him by telling him he didn't need to stress too much, and that he doesn't need to get into a top college if it meant him exploding every now and then and stressing so much, but he wouldn't listen, saying he needs to get into a top college.....he also complains about and insults the teachers harshly, and insults the subjects... ("why would i need to know geometry in a job??????!!!!!!", etc) i am concerned for him, because even though we have a long history of rivalry and bitterness, he is still my brother, and i cant stand to see him getting angry and stressing out so much....but i cant talk to him about it, because whenever i try talking to him, he just insults me, and he doesn't want to talk to me....(it's been years).......what should i do?

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    Re: I'm very worried about my brother.....

    Pray two rakaa, make dua, and then try speaking to him kindly when he is not doing anything
    Other users will give you better insight inshallah