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University gender segregation

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  • University gender segregation

    I am considering it is against my interests and will likely lead to sin at some point if I go to university on a regular, secular, western campus with free mixing...and since I don't have the money, grades, or emotional independence (due to autism) to study abroad in an Islamic likely going to take online classes to avoid the possibility of free is a good fatwa that I feel backs up my decision....

    I have also been advised my a member on here (I forget who but I know it was a brother) that I should stop crushing on that girl, because for one, it is not modest and I am not ready to get married, and two, she is too young....knowing she is too young will help deer me from trying to talk to her inshaallah, due to the possibility of getting in trouble....

    im worried my parents wont support my decision, especially my father, a professor who says online degrees are useless....

    wish me luck!