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How to deal with people who react irrationally

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  • How to deal with people who react irrationally

    Salaam alaykum

    I've been in a situation where I made a Mistake. Specifically, a friend said something which embarrassed me in front of a group of friends and so I got annoyed and turned around and was a bit cold and didn't talk with them for about 10 minutes because I'd had a terrible day before it. I tried to talk to this friend normally later on and she treated me extremely badly. When she told me the reason I apologised and admitted my mistake and said it wouldn't happen again - she didn't apologise for anything. She is still treating me badly now and replies abruptly at work and said I made her look bad. I understand my mistake but the way she's reacting is over the top and I'm unsure of what to do

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    Re: How to deal with people who react irrationally

    Hate those kinds of attitudes. Ive been there. And i'll admit, I think I have that moment where I mistreated someone too.

    Yeah sometimes I like to think the girl is satanic so her bad manners are excused. And so I just let them be.

    But ideally, you might want to give the expression that you are hurt and offended. Give off that look when you are facing her until she takes notice. That'll make her know. As much as it is making you vulnerable, just let it show.

    Also, it is ideal that you let her know "i didnt like what you said to me yesterday. Whyd you say that for?" Keep saying that repetedly, the moment she starts talking to you or greeting you when she sees you again. Dont let her change the subject until she answers your question.

    If it's gonna take a week for her to "get friendly" with you again, dont back down. Bring that question up again and keep asking until she replies.


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      Re: How to deal with people who react irrationally

      Avoid her as much as possible..
      I love you, cherish you and worship you,
      Guide me on your path to your janna,
      Unite me beside you My King and all mighty,