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Ruby palaces of Jannah

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  • Ruby palaces of Jannah

    Qudsi Hadith No. 815 Muhammad-Bin-` Ali-Bin-Al-Husayn said that God’s Messenger, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him, said, “In heaven, there is a tree called Tuba (i.e. bliss). A horseman can ride in its shade for a hundred years. Its leaves and dates are green gowns. Its flowers are big and yellow. Its racemes are silk and brocade. Its fruits are garbs. Its resin is ginger and honey. Its pebbles are red rubies and green emeralds and its sand is musk and ambergris. Its camphor is yellow and its grass is fully-grown saffron crocus. Its burning incense shines without fuel. From it, the Salsabil[ 873], Ma ` in[ 874], and Rahiq[ 875] rivers originate. It’s one of the places where the people of heaven congregate. They gather there and talk. One day, while they were in its shade talking, the angels came to them on graceful she-camels— created from rubies with souls blown into them afterwards—. They were drawn together with chains of gold. Their faces were like lamps full of freshness, beauty, and glamour. Their fur was a mixture of damask and soft white cotton, which the onlookers had never seen before. They were submissive without humiliation and graceful without training. On them were howdahs whose walls are of margarite and ruby decorated with pearl and coral and whose seats are of red gold covered with purple tapestry. The angels sat the she-camels for the people of heaven and said to them, ‘Your Lord sends greetings of peace to you and is asking you to visit God so that God may look at you and you may look at God and so that God may talk to you and you may talk to God and so that God may greet you and you may greet God and so that God may bestow more of the Lord’s grace on you for God’s mercy is immense and the Lord’s grace is vast.’ Each one of them mounted a she-camel and they moved in a straight line where no one got ahead of another and no ear of a she-camel surpassed the ear of another she-camel. Each tree in heaven they passed offered them its fruit and moved out of their way so that it did not misalign their movement or separate them one from another. When they were raised to the Omnipotent [God], the Almighty and Glorious, God uncovered the Lord’s face for them and the ultimate greatness of the Lord appeared to them. God offered them greetings of peace. They replied, ‘Our Lord! You’re peace and peace emanates from you. And you’re the owner of Majesty and Honor.’ God said to them, ‘I’m peace and peace emanates from me. And I’m the owner of Majesty and Honor.

    So welcome to my servants who kept my commandments, fulfilled my covenant, feared me without seeing me, and in every situation had a reverential awe of me.’ They replied, ‘We swear by your Might and Glory and Highness that we didn’t recognize you sufficiently and we didn’t offer you what you deserve. So allow us to prostrate before you.’ The Lord said to them, ‘I’ve relieved you from the difficulty of worshiping me and rested your bodies. You stood for me long enough and kept your faces in submission to me for a long time. But now you’ve made available to me my soul, mercy, and generosity. So ask me for anything you want and I will give it to you and request from me anything you wish and I will make your wishes come true for today I shall not compensate you based on your deeds but based on my mercy, capacity, majesty, highness, and greatness.’ They continued to ask and wish for grants and gifts to the point where the smallest wish was equal to the entire worldly life from the time God, the Almighty and Glorious, created it to the time the Lord destroyed it. The Lord said to them, ‘You haven’t asked for enough things and you’ve settled for less than you deserve so I’m given you what you’ve asked for and what you’ve wished and more. Look at the gifts that your Lord is giving you.’ Then in heaven appeared divine domes. And rooms, built from pearl and coral, whose gates are of ruby, mattresses are of silk and brocade, and pulpits— whose gates and courtyards emanate light like sunlight or like the visible light of a shining star in daylight —are of light. And high palaces in the highest place of ` Illiyyin built from glowing ruby. Such was an unfathomable scene to witness. Palaces of white ruby were furnished with white silk. Palaces of red ruby were furnished with red tapestry. Palaces of green ruby were furnished with green silk. And palaces of yellow ruby were furnished with yellow fabric decorated with green aquamarine, red gold, and white silver. The palaces’ bases and pillars were of ruby and their balconies were domes of pearl and their towers were rooms of coral.

    When the people of heaven headed to what the Lord gave them, horses of white ruby, with souls, came to them. Next to the horses were immortal youths. Each one of them was holding in the hand the horse’s curb, bridle, and rein, which were of white silver adorned with pearl and ruby. Their saddles were woven seats of silk and brocade. The horses moved around showing their riders the gardens of heaven. When the people of heaven reached their homes, they found everything that they asked for and wished from the Lord. At every gate of those palaces were four gardens: two gardens had spreading branches and two gardens had dark green plants. In the gardens, there were two gushing springs and two kinds (fresh and dry) of every fruit and houris secluded in pavilions. When the people of heaven sat in their palatial homes and rested, the Lord, the Sublime, asked them, ‘Have you found what your Lord had truly promised you?’ They replied, ‘Yes, we’re pleased. So be pleased with us.’ God told them, ‘Because I’m pleased with you, I’ve made you reside in my home, look at my face, and embrace my angels. So congratulations on an everlasting gift void of disconcertment or belittlement.’ Then they said, ‘Praise be to God who freed us from anxiety for our Lord is forgiving and grateful. God, out of the grace of the Lord, gave us an everlasting abode where we never tire or travail.’[

    Arabic Virtual Translation Center. 1000 Qudsi Hadiths: An Encyclopedia of Divine Sayings (Kindle Locations 14627-14636). Kindle Edition.