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Halaal Vitamins - UKs Halal Vitamin Company HMC Certified

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  • Halaal Vitamins - UKs Halal Vitamin Company HMC Certified

    Assallamu Alaikum,

    First of all, i apologise if i have posted this in the wrong section. I hope this is okay to post this here seen as there are many muslim brothers and sisters that may find this beneficial. Insha'Allah.

    Halaal Vitamins is a UK based company founded by a group of concerned group of committed muslim Doctors, Pharmaceutical Chemists and nutritionists. The majority of readily available vitamins and supplements available are derived from either porcine, alcohol or other 'non-halal' animal sources. Halaal Vitamins are the UKs first halal vitamin company exclusively setup to cater for muslims and welcome non-muslims alike.

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    Jazakallahu Khayr