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Petition for adhaans in the UK

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  • Petition for adhaans in the UK

    Asalam alaykum,

    Recently a petition on the UK government website has appeared, it asks for the permission for masjids in the UK to call the adhaan in heavy populated Muslim already at least 3 times a day outside anti social hours.
    It is already at 20k signatures (10k is needed for a government response and 100k for parliamentary debate).
    Inshallah, if you could sign it and share it with friends/family then it would be beneficial for Muslims in the UK.

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    Re: Petition for adhaans in the UK

    why on earth would anyone sign this....

    the UK is NOT a muslim country.

    It is a relatively secular society, which has afforded opportunity to lots of different faiths to practise here. but lets not get carried away....for goodness sake, you have just seen the Brexit vote go in favour of kicking out Europeans....come on...think about this a little.

    Live and let live....

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