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Should I stop fasting?

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    Re: Should I stop fasting?

    Originally posted by Akhūka View Post
    Yea that's not even borderline, for your height the minimum healthy weight is 95lbs. Sometimes doctors can be overly cautious, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

    I guess the difficult is that you for the most part feel fine, so maybe you aren't ill at all due to your low weight, but that weight could cause you to be unhealthy, especially in the long term. So it's not as simple as fasting is making you sick (like the questioner in that fatwa said that fasting makes him weak and pale etc).

    I don't think anyone here can really tell you one way or another, but if I were you I'd ask here (as Sheikh Assim replies quickly, within a few days normally), and say what you mentioned but include that for the most part you feel fine when fasting but your weight may put you at risk for becoming sick.
    Thank you for the link brother, I have submitted the question and explained.