The prophet s.a.s prayed for the levant and praised it like no other place on earth.And Allah says that he blessed the region around the Aqsa.
Based on experience all I saw there were ignorant people ,lack of order and respect.People want to be like the West there but they end up copying them
in the worst things.without taking from them what is good.
They last place I would want to live in is any place in the Middle East because I just cant get along with the hypocrisy/nifaq of the people there.
I know there are good people there ,but they seem like a very small minority group.

There are many other worse places than the Middle East I know that ,but since the prophet s.a.s praised Al Sham so much ,shouldnt we
see people there who would be an example to all other people ?

What do you think ,do you think ,that one day there will be a blessed generation there ?