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I'm going to a halaqa (discussion) at my masjid, I have questions?

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  • I'm going to a halaqa (discussion) at my masjid, I have questions?

    They're having a halacha after iftar at the masjid (btw, i couldnt fast this year for medical reasons), and I was scared of a few things due to my autism.....I am usually afraid to enter large crowds, and the men's masjid area is small, and there are many people, I don't know if they are going to get a separate room in the main building (the masjid is one of many rooms).....also, my mother is dropping me off and coming back later, so Im worried about the potential of having a panic attack......I also want to know how long iftars usually last, and since im not fasting if i should come a little bit late, just in time for the bringing my medicine bottle and a bottle of water with me just in case btw....I also want to know, is it always segregated by gender? my mosque isnt as strict, when i was receiving religious instruction it was from a woman even though i was a 16 year old boy, and she didnt know what i was talking about when i said music is haram.......and they had mixed halaqas (boys and girls) when there were't enough people at the sunday school.....Im very nervous, and this is the first time im going to a halqa outside of sunday school, except for the time i went to one that was in turkish and i understood very little....