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Ingredients containing training amounts in Alcohol (food/drinks etc..) [4 Madhabs]

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  • Ingredients containing training amounts in Alcohol (food/drinks etc..) [4 Madhabs]


    Let's get down into it why don't we. Vanilla, Vanillin and Vanilla Extract.

    And before I say anything : One thing to remember is that food is considered to be pure until proven impure.
    First let's take into consideration that Ethanol is made from grain base at commercial production, and it can also be made from grape and date base as well.
    As far as this source describes, Ethanol and Ethyl Alcohol (Both are synthetic) are the same even though they are derived from different products.

    Below you see a difference in opinion that it's permissible in certain cases, but overall it's generally considered an impurity and therefore impermissible.
    In Hanafi this is the ruling;
    Vanilla extract is not permissible. Vanilla and Vanillin is Halal.
    The Alcohal used in producing it may not come from grapes or dates.

    Source :

    Maliki ;

    Any food containing Alcohal is considered impure.



    Other Alcohols besides Ethanol are already considered permissible.
    Ethanol due to it's un-tracability and widespread use is considered permissible, however need should be taken into consideration. For example, if you can't avoid it in necessary medication then it's permissible.

    Hanbali ;

    I couldn't find anything suitable or any strong sources on this modern issue.
    Please share your knowledge and sources if you know.
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    بَارَكَ اللّهُ لَكَ


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