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  • College Student Venting

    Asaalamu Alaykum brothers and sister; hope you're having a great day. I came here because I need to vent to someone. I'm a college student will be 20 next month during Ramadan Inshallah and I do not really have any real friends. I know it sucks, I use to have a group of nice friends during high school, but time and distance made them stop contacting me even after I tried contacting them. I was thinking of joining my MSA (Muslim Student Association) and I attended a meeting I was feeling unwelcomed there. I'm not sure If it was because I was the only African guy there or because I was new, but I don't think the organization is for me. Even now my parents recently got divorced and split the family apart. I'm not depressed I know that for sure, but I feel lonely - like I would like a friend to just to have someone. Maybe this is a test, but I will keep praying! thanks for listening

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    Re: College Student Venting

    walkup assalam brother i have a idea how you feel,hey but these forums where design for you not to feel so lonely,regarding you join the MSA (mash Allah ) stay in it as long as their upon the sunnah and you see no signs of Bid'ah.,its better to be surround by muslims then kuffar (IMO) hey the teachings of islam tells us to have sabr,so just have patience my brother things will get better (insha Allah ) just focus on your life and what u need to do and things will fall in to place