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tajahud prayers

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  • tajahud prayers

    asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

    how many rakats altogether are there in the tajahud prayers, i usuallay pray eight, is this correct.

    jazakallah khair


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    tajahud prayers

    11 with witr is Sunnah.

    You can pray as many as you want, but obviously 11 (witr included) are the best.
    You think you know more than my scholar's qiyās? He was more learned than you and all other scholars combined. Yeah, the devil was the greatest scholar too and look where his qiyās of fire being better than tīn got him. Sorry.

    You follow your scholar's qiyās, and I will follow the Qur'ān and Sunnah.


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      Re: tajahud prayers

      walykum al salaam

      The night prayer is prayed in twos (mathna mathna)

      the witr can be prayed 1 rakaat if u fear its getting close to morning .... or 3,5,7,9 without ending the salaat (saying the tasleema)

      and u can do the dua while standing before or after rukoo either way is fine

      then there is a dua at the end of the witr if u want " subhan Allah al malik al qudoos x3 then add rabb al malaaikti wal rooh (while rasing hands on this one and saying the "Rabb al.." part a bit louder) this is the qunoot

      all is correct but witr should be odd because witr in arabic means odd .. im not sure about this if anyone can correct me plz

      the prophet pbuh prayed 11 and theres a hadith that says 13 i think :scratch:
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        Re: tajahud prayers

        as many as you want am just a simple nomad.

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