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I am lost in life, I need guidance

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  • I am lost in life, I need guidance

    Okay my story is a little long and complicated so sorry about rambling.

    I have had difficulty in religion throughout my life, I went mosque when I was younger (but House Mosques), my mother was religious, my father is just Muslim by name and a more simple cultural man. Anyway I've lacked religious education through life, and I'm kind of stuck in a rut, it's not that I go again god, but I don't think of the actions I do sometimes.

    My mother is no longer with us, and that leaves me and my father to try raise my brothers and 1 sister into decent people, I'm trying to become a good moral person, because there were issues in family et, religion and Islam was in the household and we were based on key fundamentalist idea but never enough detail. Anyway I need guidance, I am lost now on who to follow, Sunni vs Shia, I've tried looking up argument for both but it hurts my head, i've been to both sunni and shia mosques but I'm still confused. Heck when i see all this in iraq etc, I also get confused on why is this stuff happening, then it just makes me reflect on my own life and look at how confused I feel about religion.

    I don't say there's no god or no religion, I believe earth was created by god, but I am confused, who to follow, my base of judgement etc are also messed up, I don't know, in all honestly I want a lifestyle with good pious and humble life, but I am plagued,

    I like listening to music to calm me down and help when I'm upset, i enjoy some love songs , i know this is bad but i also fell to like a girl, shes gone now, and it broke my heart but i think it was a test. My father wants me to get married at 18/19 so I can have a wife at an earlier age so we can both enjoy life, I do want to listen to my father but sometimes I feel like I sacrifice my happiness in order to appease him, yet when i do things when I'm happy but he doesn't like it, then I feel sad,, Islam say respect your parents.

    There are also groups of Muslims that I know that I don't really like, and threes quite a few of them, they are quite hypocritcal, but I can't judge so am I, but they represent themselves as a practicing muslim, beards, preaching but then they go off, smoke shisha, sometimes drink, talk to girls, get involved in bad stuff etc

    What I'm trying to say is that I want to shaped into living a fulfilling life, but sometimes I don't know how to achieve it, I look at some simple villagers from my country and they just get on with it, knowing that they are with god, but mine i think it's just too heavy for me to comprehend. I guess it's lack of proper religious schooling, I am form a religious country infact one of the most religious but my family aren't that religious as much as they are cultural., I don;t know what to do to achieve a good life, i want to become a good pious man, not a kid who is lost looking for light

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    Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance

    i guess i need the fundamental learning of islam true islam spiritually and morally not just as a religion i aay i am anyone, i dont know what but i guess sometimes i wish i had better knowledge and faith? help me out


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      Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance



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        Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance

        "I'm trying to become a good moral person" That's a good starting point :)

        It seems that your goal is to deepen your faith and your knowledge, to go from simple acceptance to actual conviction, based on knowing.
        It's normal you find yourself a bit lost but don't lose hope. Persevere, pray, study and learn more, and insh'Allah, with a pure intention and sincere heart, you will find guidance.


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          Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance


          I would suggest that you establish your 5 times a day obligatory prayers. Ask Allah (swt) for guidance and increase of knowledge. Read the Quran with a tafsir. I started with the Tafheem ul Quran as that was in English and has a Tafsir. Read the Life of the Prophet like in 'The Sealed Nectar'. In Sha Allah that will get you on the right path for even greater guidance if you are sincere. Try not to get overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. In Sha Allah this will benefit you.
          By time, Indeed, mankind is in lose, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience. (Qur'an: 103-1-3)


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            Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance

            Asalaamualaikum bro.

            You are seeking guidance from Allah, and Allah has promised to provide Guidance to those who seek it.
            You'll be fine InshaaAllah. You are truly blessed to be chosen to go on this beautiful journey ultimately to Jannah InshaaAllah.

            Start with getting your salaat in order like the other posters Alina and Jabi have said.
            InshaaAllah with your five daily in order at the very least you will find peace through the day and remember to turn to your Lord and ask for guidance.
            Read Quran with tafsir.
            Read the seerah of the Prophet SAW, "Sealed Nectar" or "Muhammad (by Martin Lings)"
            Learn of the Prophet SAWs struggles and what an amazing individual he SAW was. It will move you to tears.

            With this day and age there are many many videos on YouTube that can help
            Check out channels like
            -Merciful Servant
            -Prophets Path
            -The Daily Reminder
            -The Deen Show
            Among others
            They have a lot of info and are great to listen to from time to time.

            Read and watch interviews from people who went through this.
            People who reverted to Islam

            And try to hang out at the mosque. InshaaAllah you'll meet pious brothers who will help you and be brothers for you in this life and the next.

            Ask Allah to make you amongst His beloved.
            And ask Allah to keep you amongst those who love Him and are believed to Him.
            You have Allah as your ally.

            You got this fam.


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              Re: I am lost in life, I need guidance

              Bro, what you are feeling i.e. feelings of being lost and searching, etc. is a wake up call from Allah and it's part of the mercy of Allah upon you. Not many people wake up from their misguidance and disobedience of Allah.

              I don't know you are delving into the issues about shi'ah vs sunni. The truth is very obvious and clear, the shi'ahs shouldn't confuse you.

              What you have to do is be sincere to Allah and submit your life and your desires to Allah, and do your obligations to Him. You can start now by praying the 5 prayers for the day. After that, listen to lectures and read books like the brother above mentioned, and ask Allah for guidance. If you do this and you are patient, Allah will guide you.

              But if you turn away and follow your desires after the truth was made clear to you, then you are only harming yourself. So begin today by praying, then add onto it the rest of the obligations to owe to Allah.