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Closet racists & Social Networking Websites

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  • Closet racists & Social Networking Websites

    Aslamu Alaikam brothers and sisters.

    I wanted to share an experience(s) with you in relation to closet racism.

    I want to start off by saying be very careful when using sites like Facebook and Instagram. You may like or comment on a picture shared over 10 times but you maybe surprised by the origins of where it came from and who uploaded it.

    For example: A person I was friends with on Facebook (a Muslim I no longer have on my friends list) shared an image/meme of 4 Muslim women wearing the Niqab. Beneath the image was a very offensive caption (which I won't repeat). When I re-traced it, it took me to a Britain First members profile, this Muslim bloke had this Britain First member as a friend on his facebook. I checked the mans profile and what I saw him post and say about Muslims was appalling, one of his friends commented on how he'd LOVE to see the mass genocide of ALL muslims, men, women and children.

    The one time a personal trainer approached me at my local gym and offered his services to train me. He gave one session and asked me to add him as a friend on facebook, thinking nothing of it I added him........I checked his profile....his mate was due to be stationed in Iraq...the personal trainer wishes him well and says: ''Have fun killing all them sand wearing Abduls''..........

    I bumped into an old work colleague, same scenario, he asks me to add him on facebook, I check his profile, he's just watched the movie sniper, his comment was atrocious.

    I had another ex colleague on my facebook with hidden racist tendencies towards Indians, Pakistanis and our Deen, I only realized when he joined Britain First and started sharing their stuff, his attitude and hate towards Muslims was sad to see. I unfriended him also.

    Be careful brothers and sisters, watch who you allow to be your friend. Islam is no joke, nobody has the right to make fun of our Deen, Our Prophet PBUH and make fun of us.

    I haven't created this thread to antagonize anybody, there is good and bad in all people, Muslim and Non Muslim alike, even some of our Muslim brethren share jokes (Astaghfirullah) about our deen.
    He who loses money, loses much.

    He who loses a friend, loses more.

    He who loses faith, loses ALL.

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    Re: Closet racists & Social Networking Websites

    Use the unfollow button
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      Re: Closet racists & Social Networking Websites

      Likewise you'll get Muslims who have racist attitudes and it all becomes quite clear on social media
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        Re: Closet racists & Social Networking Websites

        I agree, we should all be careful about who we befriend, may Allah swt guide us all.