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Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

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  • Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

    I am new to the forum and as you know as a newbie it always is hard to start off, but i hope i can stay and interact with fellow muslims and turn a new leaf. I am sorry i have to pile a big story on you guys but i am really at breaking point, to try Umra last time or to take my life or do i see an imaam?

    So the problem started in 2002 i lost my mother to cancer, she was a very loving woman that had done a lot of good in life for people, she rejected therapy at some atage as she was pregnent with my sister for her life, who now is a beautiful grown up girl mashallah. Passed away a day before my sisters birthday in my hands but habing came back from hajj 2 weeks before im sure Allah SWT will be happy with her.
    After her death my dad resigned from his job to look after us kids, 4 of us 3 brothers 1 sister, we bought a new house moved out and 3 years later things seemed a little better, dad had invested a large amount of money from loans, cards, 2 remortgages and savings, conpany went fine for a few months, then collapsed leaving him bankrupt which hurt a lot.
    Then few months later there was an earthquake in Pakistan where he lost 11 family members at one time, going on 2009 my dads mum had become paralysed died few months later, same year my dads eldest brother died ling cancer aged 56.

    Now myself since dads business collapsed i had dropped out of college to ahelp him pay for bills etc as we are financially ruined so that my brothers have the better life, brothers are doing well 1 mashallah he is in uni and another has a job in London
    I decided to get married in 2013 and have a little boy myself, but now heres the serious part, i have a cousin i have grew up from a young age, we have a 1 exact month diffrrence, family call us the trouble makera, which we are and was, going off the rails as now my dad had decided to move abroad out the UK and re marry a third time and leave us hurt, do every other weekend we would drink spirits, bottle after bottle. So i get an offer for a job on a random day we were playing football and it was a good job offer i accepted. That same day some russian guys who live up the road asked us if we wanted to try something, so we went up to their house and it was methamphetamine, we didnt know for a good 18 months of addiction and abuse that it was that we were taking.
    Post and pre i have very very bad dreams at night, some that make me pish family away and another where its like someones holding me down and i read one of the Quls third time round i wake up, i cant even sleep by myself and i am 25 petrified what it is.
    Just last week i had loat the plot thinking people wanted to murder me and packed in all intoxicants, today my cousin has just called saying he has seen me yesterday, which isnt true, hes saying crqzy insane things like has someone put something in my car, my phone doesnt feel the same, and crying and saying if ive done something wrong to you tell me, im baffled and have no clue whats he on about??!

    I know we have lives disobediant lives but want to be better muslims and move from the western movement and societies. I currently and taking anti depressants, diazepam, sleeping pills to help me.

    Is this a mental disorder or could there be magic involved? Creepy things also happen, i can feel presence of someone else, people in my house have seen weird things also happen, keep struggling, rotted tooth, hair loss, arguementa with my partner, so much i just cant list this first time...

    Lifes hit that point i'm thinking do or die, hate life that mum had to go, but still trying to live, but with all this i have negative thoughts of suicide and need real help before it's too late

    Sorry to bombard you all with my mess but its the last place i hope i find help

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    Re: Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

    Salam Brother,

    I was sad to see that no one has offered any advice or encouragement and I couldn't leave your post without writing back. t am not an expert of any kind, but I have experienced anxiety disorder throughout my life on and off. I am happy to see that you wont to become a better muslim. I hope that you and your cousin can help each other and make a huge change.

    I feel like the drugs have messed with you....I have no experience with them, but I am just making a guess. Have either of you tried seeking any kind of help. Are you married? Do you have support from your wife?
    First, I think you should seek medical attention for all these things long have you been on medication? It does take months to work 100%......I would check in with a few dr's maybe. Even going to see a Naturopath may help.....maybe a detox of some sort may help?

    I am just throwing out suggestions. I do not know if it has anything to do with magic, I am not very knowledgable on that topic......but I do know that Allah is Near.....please don't give up. Please seek help from professionals but at the same time, read Quran and stick to your prayers. Allah does not burden anyone with more than they can bare, so please don't fear this is the end.

    I also want to suggest a book, best book I have ever come across (besides Quran)....."Don't Be Sad"

    I actually had found a free online copy, I will try to find it for you right now and make another post with the link.

    I will pray for you & your cousin as often as I can.

    Your Sister in Islam


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      Re: Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

      I found an online PDF format of the book I mentioned, here it is:



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        Re: Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

        I have been unable to reply although i read your op previously.

        The first thing you must do is correct your relationship with Allah. Perform a comprehensive audit of your entire life to determine whst you are doing wrong and what obligations you are neglecting.

        You must also meet with a doctor who specializes in meth use and how to remove that toxin from your body. If you had eaten pork, your digestive system would eventually digest, assimilate, and expell it, leaving some aspects of the chemical forms of the pork in your body.

        If you drank alcoholic liquor, the digestive system, liver, kidneys would work to digest, assimilate, expell the alcohol, but it would remain longer in your body, some of it would remain in your body fat, eventually being processed. Even your skin would work to expell it in sweat so people with alcohol in their blood expell it through the skin so it czn smelled hours later. It csn be detected hours, evrn days later.

        If you smoke marjuana, it remains in your blood for dsys as the lkidneys struggle to cleanse and expel it. While it remainsin your blood sydtem, its pumped everywhere, including your brain. Your brain begins to adapt to it as it contains chemicals that alter brain functions. If you smoked a lot of it, the brain will develop different patterns to adjust to this constant foreign presence in your blood. These adjustments become semi permanent, but can be returned to normal.

        Smoking meth is one of the worst of things to do. Meth cannot be removed by the digestive system, the liver, skin. It forces the brain to change permanently and czn cause immediate addiction. The kidneys cannot remove it permanently as meth chemicals bond with brain cells. The brain then seeks meth as part of its adjusted function, leading to addiction.

        You need to see a medical doctor who specializes in expelling meth from a patient to return the brain to near normal. Thst requires other medicines and chemicals thst help the brain to expel meth. But the brain does not reach normal function again. Meth causes damage to the brain.

        If those Russians did what they did in an Islamic state rather than Britain, then would likely be executed if they dealt drugs to hook you into addiction.

        Stay away from them.

        Stop all drug use.

        See a doctor immediztely to salvage your brain and body.
        See a pious Muslim doctor preferrably.

        Everything else you are experiencing in terms of hallucinations, paranoia, voices, are related to meth being in your blood and brain.

        Jinn shayateen could be botheribg you too, but you must first try to purify yourself from the meth. It is a terrible toxin still
        In you.

        Have sabr, be patient and be strong. Seek Allahs help, pray, to Him for sabr. Perform your prsyers as they builx sabr, taqwa. Seek strength from Allah.

        Remember Him all the time. Whenever you see or hear anything strange, perform dhikrullah and think of Him.

        There is a way out as you want to believe and love Allah because He is you Merciful Rabb. Ask Him for a way out, for help, for sabr for there is ease after hardship.

        May Allah forgive you and be merciful yo you.
        Allahumma, aranee al haqqu haqqan wa arzuqnee itiba`ahu, wa aranee al baatilu baatilaan wa arzuqnee ijtinaabahu.Oh Allah! show us the truth as true, and inspire us to follow it. Show us falsehood as falsehood, and inspire us to abstain from it.
        " Do you know what destroys Islam? A mistake made by a scholar, the argument of a hypocrite in writing and the ruling of leaders who wish for people to stray


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          Re: Mental Illness or Magic? Please help.. At breaking point

          Whatever the situation always have faith in Allah subhanala Tala.
          Be a slave of Allah, not a slave of human!!!



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