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  • Anger


    Based on this dua, does anger really caused by Satan? For example, smashing things and stuffs, pissed off at people, etc.

    Jazakallah khair, for reading my post.

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    Re: Anger

    Wa alaikum salam

    Yes anger is from shaitan, that is why you have to read a'uthu when angry, control yourself from being destructive - it is from satan the accursed.
    “Mix with the noble people, you become one of them; and keep away from evil people so that you protect yourself from their evils.”

    Hadhrat Ali (Radiallahu anhu)


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      Re: Anger

      Anger is from shatan and a person should say "Awos Billah i Min shatan nir rahgim" which means i seek refuge in Allah from Shatan .must say it three times and also if you are angry then drink a glass of water.
      As Prophet Muhammad SAW said which means that anger is from shatan and shatan is made of fire so to extinguish the fire of anger you must destroy it by drinking water in proper Islamic way.