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how to wake up to Fajr with at ease

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  • how to wake up to Fajr with at ease

    assalamu alaikom

    for Muslims who find it hard to wake up early at Fajr

    one time i was wandering how our ancestors woke up to fajr without even knowing what time is fajr prayer and without any alarm clock
    so i made this test i believed i can wake up at fajr time and i said i will do it in chaa allah.
    i just wok up the time athan started but i was little lazy.
    and one time before sleeping i made the decision i want to wake up for fajr and made dua please god help me wake up for fajr prayer
    and i read al kurssi + nass + falak + ikhlass
    and just woke up 1 minute before athan with confort and no desire for more sleeping

    hope you enjoy it and tell me the results

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    Re: how to wake up to Fajr with at ease



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      Re: how to wake up to Fajr with at ease

      i often hear the adhan but i get very aggresive ( like i could murder and eat you alive kinda aggressive) and wont get up. i tried doing dua many times, but it never got me further then waking up and hearing the adhan.
      i even had times i had to wake up the kids for school at fadjr and still i would get aggressive and go back to bed very angry.

      what a good idea to read al kurssi + nass + falak + ikhlass. Never thought of it, while im having trouble waking up for years now.

      thank you so much :)
      Allahu a'lam