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Islam and the supernatural

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  • Islam and the supernatural

    My Parents are from Pakistan and i think there is quite a tendency for people of desi culture to take the supernatural a little too seriously.

    I would like to know how much such beliefs are related to what we know of the supernatural through the quran and hadith and how much is just plain ol' bidet?

    I understand that there is acknowledgement of Jinn and Black magic in Islam but to what extent are these factors considered to impinge on our reality and what can we do about them?

    Is wearing a "thaveez" wrong or acceptable? How likely is it that someone can intentionally or unintentionally put "nazzar" on someone else? Are there certain verses in the Quran to specifically 'combat' these things?

    I know someone that told me he went to a bazurq who told him that he may very well have "balayain" in him!!! does anyone know why very some very religious people seem to always be handing out such information and is it right or wrong? I think it is very easy for people who feel their life is in turmoil despite their commitment to Islam to turn to these beliefs.

    Certain religious men tell people to get up in the middle of the night to repeat certain verses in the Quran a certain number of times to get rid of curses etc. Just wanted to know what people thought of these practices. I understand that reading the Quran is all good but it just sometimes seems that these men are always find curses on anyone who goes for their help. It's all rather strange though since the MAJORITY of these men do not ask for payment nor monetary contributions.

    Also someone told me the other day that it is possible and permissable for a human to marry a jinn!!!

    I would also be very interested to learn of any other cultures that have similar beliefs or superstitions.
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    AHEM! any knowledgable peeps around?.. or are you scared of such talk?
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      I'll try to answer you based on the little knowledge I have.... excuse my ignorance, I'm just a still-learning-muslimah ...not a scholar...

      Is wearing a "thaveez" wrong or acceptable?

      I'm not sure whether I got you right... but do you mean by "thaveez" what people wear as a means of protection from evil eye, jinns and stuff....charms that is? if that's the case then the answer is WRONG WRONG WRONG. One should NEVER wear/carry/drink/sleep on such things thinking they'd protect him/ fact scholars says it's a kind of Shirk. (as there are different kinds of Shirk)

      How likely is it that someone can intentionally or unintentionally put "nazzar" on someone else? Are there certain verses in the Quran to specifically 'combat' these things?

      again...not sure of what is 'nazzar'...but do you mean 'evil eye'??? if yes...then it's mentioned in many surat... it's a fact. In Surah kahf, Qalam and's all mentioned there...
      in Surah Qalam Allah says " And the Unbelievers would almost trip thee up with their eyes when they hear the Message; and they say: "Surely he is possessed!"

      so in that ayah when the kuffar heard about the Prophet's message and heard the Quran they were trying ' intentionally' to put 'nazzar' on the prophet and the Muslims.

      Then in Surah Kahf :"Why didst thou not, as thou wentest into thy garden, say: 'Allah's will (be done)! There is no power but with Allah.' If thou dost see me less than thee in wealth and sons,"

      now this is a Quranic remedy... one of the two men put 'nazzar' on himself...had he said Masha'Allah ( Allah's will be done) nothing wrong would have happened. But he didn't... therefore he lost his garden... and you know the rest of the story.

      The last of ayat I know of is Al-falaq...which is also a Quranic remedy where which Allah says:
      [113:1] Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak.
      [113:2] "From the evils among His creations.
      [113:3] "From the evils of darkness as it falls.
      [113:4] "From the evils of the troublemakers.
      [113:5] "From the evils of the envious when they envy."

      So some people can be envious and have evil in them. But we shouldn't forget that Allah is the One who permits any thing to happen to people and Allah does not permit this to happen except for those who forget about

      [64:11] Nothing happens to you except in accordance with GOD's will. Anyone who believes in GOD, He will guide his heart. GOD is fully aware of all things.

      Gotta take a breath and continue in some other post... lol...
      Life goes on ...


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        thank you!
        A "thaveez" is something in which these bazurq types write something from the Quran and then wrap it in a cloth and sew it up for the person to carry around with them. (either round their necks although sometimes like in the case of a 'mysterious' headache they might give you one on a pin to wear on your head.) I think it started originally in places such as pakistan where there are MANY illiterate people who are Muslim but cannot read the Quran. Surely this is bidet no? I mean i would like to know if it is or not.

        I mean i do not really see what very poor illiterate people can do but i suppose the root still goes to whether people shuold be reading SPECIFIC verses in the Quran specified by someone who is considered a knowledgeable 'bazurq'. because if they should, then that is what would lead poor illiterates to carry around these verses in a tiny peice of cloth.

        Also reading verses from the quran and blowing on water. then giving the water to someone who is ill/has a 'curse' or "nazaar" on them. These type of things are VERY common in desi culture and people who consider themselves and are considered VERY knowledgable and pious practice such things. I have asked these questions to them and they claim they are all fine and work against these supernatural elements.

        i am suspicious, (because i see too many people who seem to blame these curses for all the problems in their life, when they don't realise that problems are a part of life.) and would like to know more.
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          well... yeah I got it...but now speak of 'bazurq' ...ermmm... I know what you saying but you use such strange terms. Concerning how the Quran is a remedy.. well... the prophet encourages the Muslims to read certain Surat like:
          1) Surah Fatiha is a cure from every illness. (Darmi, Bahiqi)
          2) Do not make your home a graveyard, the Shaitan runs from the home in which Surah Baqrah is recited. (Sahih Muslim)
          3) Whoever memorized the first ten ayahs of Surah Kahf will be saved the Dajjal. (Sahih Muslim)
          4) Whoever recites Surah Kahf on the day of Jummah, there will be a Nur brightened for him between two Jummahs.
          5) Everything has a heart and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen, whoever read Yaseen, Allah will write the reward of reading the Quran ten times from him. (Tirmizi and Darmi)
          6) Whoever reads Surah Yaseen for the pleasure of Allah, his past sins will be forgiven so read this near your deceased. (Bahiqi)
          7) (Reading) Qul hu WAllahu Ahad (Surah Ikhlas) is equal to [reading] one third of the Quran.
          8) Whoever read Ayatul Kursi after every Fard Salah, he will be under the protection and security of Allah. (Dailmi on the Authority of Sayeduna Ali)
          9) (On the Day of Judgement) a caller will say O Recitor of Surah Inaam, come to Jannat for loving Surah Inaam and its recitation.
          10) Surah Tabarak (Surah Mulk) saves one from Hell.
          11) Whatever task is not begun with Bismillahi Rahamni Raheen remains incomplete and unfinished.

          reciting a specified verse or supplication and then passing the right hand over the body of the ill person by a professional healer or even sometimes normal people is called 'Ruqya'. And is acceptable as the hadith says:
          A'isha reported, "When any person amongst us fell ill, Allah's Messenger (SAWS) used to rub him with his right hand and then say: O Lord of the people, grant him health, heal him, for Thou art a Greet Healer. There is no healer, but with Thy healing Power one is healed and illness is removed."
          Now concerning taking money when doing Ruqya...there's another Hadith that says: "The Prophet (SAWS) allowed the treatment of poisonous
          sting with Ruqya" and, "that Allah's apostle said, that you are most entitled to take wages for doing a Ruqya with Allah's Book." thus granting ruqya (healing with prayer) a professional status.

          Yet personally, I witnessed such things where some healers do strange stuff and take large sums of money which making the whole thing sort of a trade.... anyway... hope I answered some of your q's...

          Life goes on ...


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            yeah the terms are all desi (indo/pak) in origin. since i grew up in england i don't even know whatthey mean. I think a Bazurq is just some "holyman" although i don't know. i find it strange.

            thanks for the info and the references i'm gonna copy and paste and look them up one day....
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              Aha... that explains it... should I learn Urdu or Hindi?...perhaps Tamil?
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                urdu and hindi are almost interchangeable so if you learn "bollywood" hindi (which is very urdu due to it being somewhat ruled by muslims) i think you'd get by. Tamil may be useful also but tamil food isn't as nice as pakistani food. (unless you dislike spices and love cocunut milk)

                In fact here's your first lesson:

                Aaap kaesee hay?
                how are you? (to a woman)

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                  Originally posted by ponderingstar
                  urdu and hindi are almost interchangeable so if you learn "bollywood" hindi (which is very urdu due to it being somewhat ruled by muslims) i think you'd get by. Tamil may be useful also but tamil food isn't as nice as pakistani food. (unless you dislike spices and love cocunut milk)

                  In fact here's your first lesson:

                  Aaap kaesee hay?
                  how are you? (to a woman)

                  mein teek hoo, meri jaan... ( I ain't completely ignorant of the Indian civilization and all the languages spoken there... got a history with that...*sighs* ... )
                  Life goes on ...


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                    Before you go to sleep does one not recite surah Al Falaq, Surah Al Nas, Ayat Ul Kursi and other surah and dua and then blow on themselves and across the room?

                    I know I do this and via the protection of Allah, I usually get a peaceful nights sleep.

                    It's when I forget to recite the aforementioned, and fall asleep without the dhikr of Allah, when things sometimes get a bit wierd.


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                      behan mujhe yay topic achi dikthi hai...

                      Allah apko acha rakhay...:up:
                      Life goes on ...


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                        aap ko kasay aysee bath kurnee ay?

                        oh and i thought i might bump this up if no one minds since i wouldn't mind a bit more feedback...

                        thaveez: is it haram?
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                          I have no idea pondering star, there is a variety of opinion on this subject.

                          If in doubt leave alone, your faith is in your heart, you don't need an amulet to protect to when you have your faith in Allah Almighty


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                            Oh no i definitely wouldn't wear a thaveez, but certain members of my family would, and so i wouldn't really mind finding our if there were any specific verses or facts that i could use to convince them otherwise. (or convince me that it was okay even since i think it's rather bad)

                            i mean when these people just consider these holy men to be wiser than them they can really justify anything they do...
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                              PonderingStar, I would anticipate feed-back off other individuals who utilise this forum.

                              Speaking personally, I have buried the thaveez that I had, as I firmly believe that faith in Allah is the best protection of all.

                              My family members weae thaveez, some say it is permissable, some say it is not.

                              One usually finds that when it comes to such issues and one tries addressing it to their loved ones, friction can arise, and so arguments can ensue.

                              If you do not get feed-back via other peoples opinions on this thread, then I would advise that you speak to your local Imam and get a full explanation with regards to the matter at hand. If not still satisfied with the answer that you receive, then ask around some more and talk to more knowledgable people, until your conscious is satisfied.

                              I have been going through some strange experiences myself in recent times, however, I'd rather not resort to counsel off holy men or thaveez.

                              Sometimes one finds that the battle is psychological and nothing else more.

                              However, when it comes to finding answers to certain questions it is always worth speaking to those who are more knowledgable than us, if in doubt.

                              Remaining headstrong and having utmost faith in Allah will erode away ones nafs and other designs of evil.

                              May Allah give you strength and make clear the answers that you seek.