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Seeking the Guide

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  • Seeking the Guide

    Allah subhanahu wa ta`la (exalted is He) has given Himself Names and attributes (siffat
    We all need sustenance; and He is al-Razzaaq, The Provider. We all need love; and He is al-Wadud, The Most Loving. We all need protection; and Allah is al-Hafidh, The Guardian. What we need the most is the very thing of which Allah (swt) has an unlimited supply.

    And so sometimes we are put through things to know Allah (swt). Sometimes it is to open your eyes to your own flaws so that you can change. But whatever it is, if you realize that the answer to any problem is through Him, and that He suffices all your needs, then your relief is already at hand.

    Sometimes this feeling of being lost can bring us closer to Allah (swt).

    What is the meaning of this problem? Why are we stuck? We need to feel as though we do not know where we are going, because that is when we start searching. And that is precisely when Allah (swt) shows you that He is The Guide (al-Haadi), and how life changes when the Light of God is in it.

    Perhaps you started out something with a sense of purpose, but in your journey you were knocked off the path towards the greater goal. You need al-Haadi. Maybe you are having some sort of mid-life crisis. You need al-Haadi. And we cannot for one moment believe that there is no way out and no right path. Allah (swt) says in a hadith qudsi (record of the words of the Prophet ﷺ, peace be upon him),


    As Allah (swt) gave Himself the attributes of Guidance and Light, how can we ever believe that we will be in darkness for too long?

    So what does it mean to go to Allah al-Haadi? It means to take the first step of realizing that He has this attribute, and having the certainty that Allah (swt) will not turn a seeker away. Secondly, it means to ask Him. Make du`aistikhara29:69).

    And so we have to strive. We have to search. It will be hard. And there will be moments of confusion. But the Prophet ﷺ taught us: (Tirmidhi).

    One final action is that we cannot let Shaytan(the devil) make us lose hope and make us keep questioning ourselves. There is a point when confusion becomes wiswaas
    ...And he who fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. [65:3]
    "Put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)."
    :love: [Al-Imran 3:159] :love:

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    Re: Seeking the Guide

    Our reactions say a lot about us and about our knowledge of and relationship with Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He). If our best friend does something, because we know them, we know how to read their actions and their dealings with us. Unfortunately, we do not know nearly as much about Allah (swt), even though He is closer to us than our jugular vein, and even though He invites us to call Him by His Names:
    How can we call Him by His Names if we do not know them and if we do not understand them? And what is the purpose of Allah (swt) revealing to us 99 of His Names and His Attributes? It is in order for us to know Him, and through knowing Him, we are able to worship Him better and understand the nature of this world. One of the scholars mentioned a saying:

    So (God willing) this series will focus on the Names of Allah (swt), and will draw upon research done by Sheikh Ratib an-Nabulsi, Imam al-Ghazali, and Dr. Amr Khaled.

    Al-Wahhab: The Constant Bestower of Gifts

    al-Wahhab. The root of this word is hiba, which means a gift. And because Allah (swt) is al-Wahhab
    So how do we know when Allah (swt) has given us a gift? Rizq (sustenance) is written for us, but we have to work for it. So if in the course of our efforts, we earn $1 million, that is rizq that Allah (swt) had ordained for us. Hibahiba. When without planning, you are fortunate enough to be able to go on `umrah (the minor pilgrimage), that is hiba. When Allah (swt) brings an amazing person into your life and you are able to improve because of them, that is hiba.

    The Connection Between Gifts and Love

    It is stated in the traditions:

    Who do you give gifts to? In general, you give gifts to someone you are thinking about and someone that you love. Sometimes we give gifts to endear people to us. So think about what that means when Allah (swt) gives you a gift.

    Subhan Allah
    Do you want to be a recipient of al-Wahhab?

    We are all recipients of the many gifts of Allah (swt). Out of the 6 billion people in this world, He chose you to be of the ummah (community) of His Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him). That in itself is a gift that we cannot thank Him enough for. If we all reflect on the many personal blessings in our lives, we cannot help but feel special to Allah (swt). Every little gift and every huge blessing was because al-Wahhab wanted to give you, and you specifically, something.

    If you want to be a companion of al-Wahhab14:7
    Moreover, we should use His gifts in His way and in His cause. No one likes for their gifts to be cheapened. If Allah (swt) has given you a gift, do not use it for what He dislikes. If we do that, the gift in question becomes a test that we will be held accountable for.
    ...And he who fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. [65:3]
    "Put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)."
    :love: [Al-Imran 3:159] :love:


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      Re: Seeking the Guide

      jazakhallahu khairan sis
      will have a read of this insha ' allah


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        Re: Seeking the Guide

        In the last article, discussed how Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) is the constant Giver of gifts. We mentioned how the nature of a gift is that it is not given in exchange for anything, but rather it is out of love and mercy, and a reminder that we have a Lord who is taking care of us.

        Alhamdulilah (all praise be to God),

        What is Rizq?

        rizq means. Rizqrizq

        This is a statement from Allah (swt). He says that the provision for His creatures is upon Him. And in case we had doubt, Allah (swt) takes an oath by the heavens and earth. He says:


        The Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) said that a soul will not die until it gets all of the provision that has been apportioned for it (Ibn Hibban). Just looking at the heavens and the earth, and the way that rain falls and plants grow should be enough proof for us. We take it for granted, that this is the natural course of things. But Allah (swt) determined the course that nature will take. So if He created the system in which the rizq 17:70). So even if you feel that your provision is slow in coming for you, remember that whatever is written for you will come. What rests on you is how strive for it.

        So what specifically can be counted as

        When we refer to rizq, many people assume it is just money. But rizq is what benefits you. So it can be money and any material thing in this world. It can also be something emotional. And it can be spiritual rizq. The person who takes it upon himself to attend talks, surround himself with good people and increase in the good that he does is taking the steps to feed his soul. And Allah (swt) will raise his station because of that.

        Striving: A Condition of Rizq

        This is the crux of our lesson today: the lesson of striving. Your rizq will not come to you if you do not work for it. That is the essential difference between hibarizq. Your rizq is written for you but in order for you to unlock the door, you need to work as if your rizq depended on how hard you try, but in your heart, you know that nothing will come to you except what Allah (swt) has written for you.

        And this is why if we truly believe in ar-Razzaq, we will never ever seek haraam(prohibited) means of living. If we truly believe that what has been written will come to us, then we know that we do not need to seek unethical ways of making a living. We work in whatever way that we can, in a manner that befits us as Muslims, knowing that it is Allah (swt) Who will provide for us. Even if everyone around you is engaging in corruption.

        The example of Hajar alayha as-salam (peace be upon her) perfectly shows this. In the midst of the desert, she is stuck. Her infant is crying because he is hungry, and her food supplies have run out. She runs up and down Safa and Marwa 7 times, searching for something, anything. And Allah (swt) rewards that striving with the well of Zamzam that we still benefit from today. When we go on Umrah or Hajjsa`yrizqrizq is in His Hands.

        rizq in the form of a job offer he did not apply for, just to show that rizq comes from Him.
        So knowing that rizq is guaranteed is not an excuse to be lazy. No one knew ar-Razzaq better than the Prophet ﷺ, but there is not one moment in his seerah
        rizq? Why are people starving?

        One of the things that prevents our rizq from reaching us is our sins. But some may say that many seemingly sinful people appear to receive rizq, so is there even a correlation? Yet if that is all we see then we are being superficial. They may have received their material rizq, but Allah (swt) may deny them their spiritual rizq. And this is far worse. This is especially so when the bounty we have been given is used in illegitimate ways.

        Now that we know ar-Razzaq, how can we live the meaning of this attribute?

        We alluded to two things that we should do in order to receive our provision. We should not seek haraam means, as that also prevents our (supplication) from being responded to by Allah (swt). The second is the key, which is to work hard. But there is a third component that is equally crucial. And that is the internal action: redha. Redha

        How to Increase Rizq

        Sheikh Ratib an-Nabulsi lists a number of ways in which we can increase our provision. I have summarized them below:



        Keeping good relations with family


        forgiveness and tawba71:10-12)


        Migrating for the sake of Allah:

        May Allah (swt) make us of those who know Him, who work hard for His sake, and who taste the paradise of contentment on earth.
        ...And he who fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. [65:3]
        "Put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)."
        :love: [Al-Imran 3:159] :love:


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          Re: Seeking the Guide

          Have to be strong!



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