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The 'Quick - Good Deal Spotted!' Thread

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  • The 'Quick - Good Deal Spotted!' Thread

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah,

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    I'm not sure if this kind of thread has been done, and I'm not sure if this breaks the forum rules either, but I just spotted what I thought was a good bargain for a piece of Home gym equipment. I already own a similar one so it's no good for me, but I thought if anyone happens to have the space and wants to sort out a home gym, there is a nice, sturdy-looking power rack going for a good discount on eBay UK. (New)

    Obviously, bench and weights/bars are sold separately as with all power racks unless as part of a package.

    RSR Home Gym - Power Rack (Heavy Duty) £249.99

    Rhyno Power Rack with dip bars and additional handles - £209

    (This one is less thicker so not as heavy duty. It's the one I have and has been a good buy, alhamdulillah. Going for about £50-60 cheaper than when I bought it a year and a half ago)

    These are usually very expensive (the first one, esp) so at that price it is a nice deal. BTW, reading my post, it looks like I have some sort of vested interest. I assure you I don't.

    I thought if someone maybe spots something they could notify others of it.

    (This is a strange thread for me to be posting in all honesty, as I'm not one to encourage spending culture/extravagance. However, if there is something that might be useful, it would be good to notify others, inshaallah.)

    Also, Mods, please feel free to delete if contravening forum rules.
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    Re: The 'Quick - Good Deal Spotted!' Thread

    Wa Alaykumussalam
    Good idea for a thread
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    [al-An’aam 6:59]