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Muslim Slaughterhouse

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    Re: Muslim Slaughterhouse

    Hmm. am just a simple nomad.

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      Re: Muslim Slaughterhouse

      Originally posted by Sahar. View Post

      This video is how Islamic slaughtering should be done.

      My husband & I watched this video a year ago and it still is in my mind, were we ever to slaughter an animal.

      To see the slaughtering click part 2 as well.
      this is basically how i do it

      but we are discussing a slaughterhouse, when you have hundreds of cattle you have to kill a day
      .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
      نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
      دولة الإسلامية باقية


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        Re: Muslim Slaughterhouse

        For doing large amounts of Animals there are two basic methods chute method and group method. The chute method is shown in the firsts vid(that made my blood boil) and is also shown in the mercy salughter vids(which are 100% correct)

        for group method arrange 20 camels in circle after them beening fed and watered,have all camels face outward,lay all the camels down and hobble them,cover their eyes with a piece of cloth.
        20 men,20 knives,20 cuts. done
        move onto the next group of 20 camels. do that to 5 groups of camels and you'll have your 100 sacrifices. Not difficult at all and could be done in less than an hour. The slaughtering of 100 camels is not hard at all. The gutting,skinning and butchering of a 100 camels however would be an enormous task would require quite a few people.

        I've personally never butchered a camel but a moose is similar size,it takes three skilled and competent men at least( bare minimum) a half day to properly finish out a carcass.Cut,wrapped and in the freezer.

        Group slaughter is questionable but it is a possible answer to how the sahaba did it.

        you don't have to take them a click away, they just don't have to not see the one being killed before them. covering the eyes with a cloth is a possible solution.

        99% of the "halal" slaughter videos are wrong.
        hers two example of how not to do a camel


        two amateurs ,one getting bite(he deserves it)

        a group of idiots from the sub-continent

        One of the worst I've ever seen(again from the sub-continent,not a coincidence)

        in the last video they have to cut it's neck THREE times!!!


        feed and water the animal
        lay the animal down
        keep the animal calm,that means only people needed for the slaughter should be present,not the whole damn village
        lay the animal down and hold it down,hobble it if needed(not one leg either, make sure it can't stand up)
        hide the knife or better yet cover the animals eyes.
        cleanly and quickly severe the carotid artery,jugular vein and trachea(windpipe) in one cut
        while saying Allahu Akbar,failure to say takbir and you might as well eat pork,seriously.
        That part is CRITICAL! in how many videos do you hear that?
        If you done it correctly the animal will arch it;s neck backward(for mammals but not birds,it's a reflex)
        failure to hit all three and it's NOT HALAL,do NOT sever the spinal cord.
        DO NOT hack,saw or do multiple cuts. no serrated blades either.

        Halal takes skill and shouldn't be preformed by amateurs. Halal also takes compassion,something many muslims lack these days.

        Follow the mercy slaughter videos series,they are correct,He's doing sheep and goats but with a three man crew one could easily do several hundred a day no problem. With cows or camels you would need a hoist or conveyor to get the slaughtered animals off the killing floor and out the chute and this would slow you down somewhat.

        The idea of a slaughterhouse is totally unislamic to start with,you should slaughter your own food. Muslims are just copying the kuffar with that idea and it's not correct.
        look into the history of slaughterhouses and meatpacking .
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