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  • Doc Martens

    Is it permissible to wear Doc Martens and is there enough of a change in the leather or anything done to them that if they get wet they do not become najis?

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    Re: Doc Martens

    I wear Doc Martens and have for 20 years. Some folks say that if an animals isn't slaughtered halal then you can't wear it' s skin but they are not correct.

    Once the leather is tanned it is purified(except pig) mine are the older ones from england and I removed part of the inner lining(it was pigskin)
    Once they shoes/boots are polished they are generally water proof on the outside.

    pigskin has a three dot pattern and is easy to tell from cow leather.


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      Re: Doc Martens

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        Re: Doc Martens

        ? Is making shoes/boots out of leather permissible?LOL

        Of course it is. what else would you make them out of?

        any garment can be made out of leather from animals(no predators or pig) including socks