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Is this wrong of me?

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  • Is this wrong of me?

    Ok, so before I came to Islam I freemixed. A lot. I tried so stop as I came more and more into the deen.
    There was one guy (a kuffar) who brought with him equal amounts of positivity and negativity. Basically he helped me escape an abusive situation, but with his presence there also came alcohol, drugs, and drama (legal and social).
    I hate to bluntly ignore his texts and calls (and I feel guilty about it), but he's not exactly good to be around... I'm trying to justify ignoring him. He's in his mid-20's and still 'talkz lik diz', isn't going anywhere in life, and has been openly in love with me for 6 years (he was 17 or 18 when he first admitted it, I was 14)..... Oh, and he's my mother's ex-boyfriends son.
    Is it wrong of me to just delete every message he sends, not answer his phone calls, and avoid anywhere he would be when I'm visiting my home town? Is it mean?
    I just feel better with him NOT in my life and am probably putting too much thought into this but I'm still having a guilt-trip.

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    Re: Is this wrong of me?

    Assalamualaikum sister,

    Do not communicate with him anymore
    But, do explain to him that you don't feel uncomfortable talking to him and why
    If he is actually a good person, then he will understand

    warning: be simple and do not get too caught up in this or else things can get complicated and it won't be good

    Good luck!


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      Is this wrong of me?

      Asalamu Alaykum sister, cut him out of your life. Delete him from your phone,social media,etc,and move on. In Islam we cant associate with the opposite gender unless their Mahram. I totally get that u reverted sis :) perhaps change ur number. I'm not sure if he knows ur muslim,if you cant change ur number,send him a final text saying he's outta ur life,ur muslim. but if doing so,keep it brief n then cut. Ur doing the right thing sister.


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        Re: Is this wrong of me?

        By your message I think that even though he is involved in many haram acts, you too have something in your heart for this guy. Don't say No, its deep.

        There is no sin in ignoring him, and these kind of people should be ignored asap.

        Sorry if you felt bad.
        Earth is not a place to make life perfect. So please never complain.

        Perfect and Happy life can only be in Paradise. Have Patience. :banan: