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Residue glue and Wudu

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  • **Sister**
    Re: Residue glue and Wudu

    Assalamu alaykum,

    There's no need to take off your bandaid and wash the area that is wounded, because that will hurt and cause you hardship. Rather, you could wipe water over the bandaid.

    InshaAllah, your Wudu is valid. No, I don't see the need for you to repeat your Fajr and Isha prayers.

    See this link because it addresses your question in depth.

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  • Anonymous_10
    started a topic Residue glue and Wudu

    Residue glue and Wudu

    May Allah bless you.
    I recently cut my foot and used a bandaid over it. When I needed to do Wudu, I decided to remove the bandaid despite the wound not having healed. There was residue glue and a portion of skin hanging loose. I lifted the skin to ensure that water reached underneath, but did not remove the residue glue because it would take a lot of rubbing and possibly soap, and there would be hardship in doing so as the wound was raw.
    Was my Wudu valid?
    Do I have to repeat Fajr and Isha that I prayed with this Wudu?