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    Re: Antidepressants

    Depression happens. I skimmed through this thread and some say depression doesnt happen to Muslims. While that may be true that while you are in a state of remembrance of Allah/Sujood you are less prone to be depressed, it does not make it non-existant for Muslims.

    It is in our nature to feel empty, low and depressed sometimes. Some people are once depressed in their lives and others it seems like more-so.

    I studied a lot of psychology and neurobiology while in college before I went to Uni. And I know for a fact, most people are "depressed" as a result of toxins, lack of certain vitamins, transmitters, minerals, etc and hormonal imbalances too...theres a plethora of reasons serotonin (major mood stabilizer) gets affected and hence causes depression. Anxiety and mental illness are similar in that.

    I knew of a study conducted when I was a freshman/first year that found bipolar people have high traces of vanadium in their blood.

    Everything is a result of food, environment, stressors, toxins and genetics. So being a good Muslim can not be at fault or really save you if you are full blown schizophrenic. But Allah can. And being a good Muslim and close to Allah CAN alleviate and over time HEAL you.

    I am against antidepressants though, unless someone is severely ill i.e. schizo etc

    Try Psychotherapy.

    It is proven in many cases to "cure" people who were thought to have mental illness.

    these days psychiatrists want to diagnose everyone with a mood or mental illness. When in reality, majority of cases that dont require hospitilization in a psych ward, can be treated with therapy and prayer.


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      Re: Antidepressants

      Drugs again
      How dare they challenge me with their primitive skills? They're just as good as dead


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        Re: Antidepressants

        Originally posted by LailaTheMuslim View Post
        Antidepressants helped me with severe anxiety, but this was caused by a lot of factors that mere medication could not change. For example, I had a disorganized life, kept retaking uni courses, thought too much and started to hear 'voices'. This made me feel uncomfortable with the outside world, and the medication help me confront leaving the house. I'm not sure what they did to my depression. I just, with the help of Allah, took the initiative to do things to change my life and the depression started to wane.

        I highly doubt you had any issue other than being young, and stressed out.

        There was a recent article published a few weeks ago, saying most people hear "voices" in their heads.

        I actually think the medication probably hurt you more than it helped. A lot of these anxieties, sister, are caused by life events and past memories or experiences that we dont get to fully understand.


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          Re: Antidepressants


          one thing i've noticed is that a lot of peeps who seem to talk about antidepressants are the ones who havent even had them,
          theres different types of antidepressants and dosages, so depends on what type youre on and the dosage will determine what sort of side effects youre going to have...