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    Re: Shawarma

    I have extensive experience with Doner's and Shawarmas. I have lived in the Middle East, UK and travelled in Turkey.

    The quality makes a big difference to taste. With Doner, sometimes they leave it inside the pan for along time and it becomes rubbery. ALWAYS ask for your doner freshly cut. If you have to wait, then do so if you can. If the Doner on the spit looks crappy, don't take it. Doner was better about 10 years ago I think, generally I don't think its as good these days. Doner is Turkey is not as good as Doner in the UK and Europe from my experience personally (it originated in Germany from a Turkish migrant).

    Beef/lamb shawarma is good sometimes only. Sometimes its very dry. From my experience, the best beef/lamb shawarma is in some places in Edgeware Road and in the Levant region. Shawarma in Saudi Arabia is generally not good. Chicken shawarma for me is almost always too dry so I rarely take it. Turkey meat shawarma is popular in some places in the levant, but I find its always too dry for me. I don't like Turkey meat generally though.

    Personally I prefer Lamb doner in most cases, but a good beef/lamb shawarma is great also.

    My favorite Kebab is call the Iskender Kebab. Its chunks of kebab (sometimes kofta) with yogurt sauce, soaked in with bread. They have it in Turkey restaurants and maybe bigger kebab shops with seating areas. Bit more expensive, but a good one is defiantly worth it!


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      Re: Shawarma

      Kobeda kebab is where it's at (although I think I have the spelling wrong).


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        Re: Shawarma


        It has to have tahina and garlic and it has to be made by shami's (north arabs) these are the conditions to a good shawarma.

        Best not to go to Shawarma places very late cause the last layers of the chicken closest to the metal spit aren't as good as the middle.

        If you are in the GCC we have malghoom shawarams which are basically super big shwarmas . You have to have a Miranda Citrus with it , its a very popular soda here.

        You might get funny looks but i have friend who orders mix beef and chicken so it can be done .

        You can ask for it to be wrapped in chapati and other types of bread in most places instead of the traditional Lebanese bread

        Turkish shwarma is horrible!
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