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Is it okay to work in this store?

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  • Is it okay to work in this store?

    I am new to this forum! So sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section!
    I wish to start a career with House of Fraser which is a department store selling everything over 6 floors i think! My concern is that it sells a very very small amount of alcohol gift hampers. In addition the store I want to work out has several non affiliated restaurents which include a bar. Now I won't be working anywhere near these but it's just been really hard trying to find a store to start my retail career with - retail manegement is what I'm interested in and due to health problems I can't really work sitting down on a computer all day. I haven't applied for any supermarkets even though they have really good schemes. It's so hard trying to find a 100% halal store if you get me! I would be grateful for your replies! May ALLAH SWT bless you all!! Asalamualykum

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    Is it okay to work in this store?

    I'm not sure sis. im suprised no one has replied. I thought working in retail was okay. but in this case the alcohol seems the problem in another department of the store. and im not sure but there are lots of stores retail ones that dont serve alcohol.