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FOOTBALL EVERY SUNDAY - Norbury Area - A few more brothers wanted.

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  • FOOTBALL EVERY SUNDAY - Norbury Area - A few more brothers wanted.

    Being posted for my brother...

    "Assalamu Alaykum,

    We are a group of around 9-10 who previously played football every Sunday and are looking to recommence and are looking for a few brothers to add to our numbers.

    We play casually amongst ourselves (7/8/9 aside or more). Things are usually more than just strolls at it is normally enjoyable and competitive as well as good exercise.

    Very occasionally we have 11-a-side matches against other teams (due to have one soon inshaallah).

    Matches are likely to be held in Norbury (most likely) or Denmark Hill (SE5) and usually start between 11 and noon.

    Please contact if interested. Jazaa'akumullah."

    (PM if interested)

    BTW - we are not talking superstars here, think heavily bearded Asians of various shapes and sizes warming up and stretching awkwardly on the pitch (and one sprightly African).
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