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What activities do YOU want to see in the mosque?

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    Re: What activities do YOU want to see in the mosque?

    Originally posted by newmuslimguy View Post
    What kind of services would you like to see in the mosque that would attract you to it and make you want to spend more time there. It does not have to be an Islamic service, but it does have to be mosque appropriate. Feel free to mention any ideas whether you have seen it before or not. Even if you think it might be difficult to setup.
    Winter Camp
    Summer Camp
    Wrestle mania 2015 (wrestling is sunnah akhi)
    Barbeque every one or two months
    After-Fajr basketball on Saturdays
    Late-night Friday Soccer get togethers
    Foodbank (help the needy and poor)
    Soup Kitchen
    Tutoring availability
    Horse Riding lessons
    Three-White-Days fasting Iftar at the Mosque (every month)- you can actually sync this up with camping at the mosque for three days if it coincides with the weekend.