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A CALL!!! To All of the Muslim Women of the World

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    its amazing how the same post gets such different responses on different MUSLIM forums

    this is the only forum where i have read ONE negative reaction to that post
    .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
    نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
    دولة الإسلامية باقية


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      I don't mean it in a negative way, what i mean is, why is it women that are always criticised when they do something unislamic but men get away with it? i see all these posts on how women should behave and all the stuff they do wrong like ' not staying at home n working etc ' but no one criticizes a man when he does anything wrong.lets say a man n a woman were to have a relationship out of wedlock, the woman would have ruined her dignty n chastity but what would be said about the man? nothing. why?
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        This is very true Nazziek. The same thing when men forget about their beliefs and allow themselves to be tempted into improper relations with women. Both parties are usually guilty, but the women are treated as guilty and the men are treated as victims. If you are a true muslim with true and firm beliefs then you will fight temptation and not just indulge and blame others.
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          Still paying my rent by my hard work.

          Originally posted by tahiyah
          Islam slowly transformed a terrible people into the most humble and pious people. people who went from the worst of actions, to the best of conduct. praying, fasting, giving in charity..etc.
          Still striving for perfection.

          Jazakillah khayr Tahiyah. :love:
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            Well, if males do some unsislamic acts, then it is not to be appreciated. Same thing applies for females also. Anyhow it is the duty of men to take care of the requirements of his family including their wives. However, females can be the best home makers and their contribution in building a respectable family is laudable.

            May Allah accept the khidmah of our sisters and brothers towards building up a pious family and thereby the society.
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              Jazak allah brother for the reminder.

              for the women/sisters,
              if you wear hajib, take this to mean reflection of yourself as i have when reading the post. a reminder to your duties.

              if you do not wear hajib, you can also reflect on your life, time for you to ponder and think seriously.

              For the Men/Brothers,
              You do have a duty to speak when something undesireable happens, Allhumduallah there are still brothers who will speak out. But it should never be aimed at criticizing women, or anyone for that matter.
              Giving a reminder of the hajib does not mean the man is perfect, he may have many faults but these faults are his, if you see a fault in him speak, but this does not mean you turn defensive if he has sent a reminder about the women. Look around you, look at the state of muslim women.
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