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Holding on to the deen

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  • peras1
    Re: Holding on to the deen

    my dear brother do u mean you sometimes find it hard not to sin? or do you feel as if your iman is low at times? I don't really understand what your saying my brother.

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  • Serinity
    started a topic Holding on to the deen

    Holding on to the deen

    So I know Islam is a beautiful deen, and all. I try my best to stay in it. Although I know that Islam is the truth, I feel like my heart is barking the wrong place.

    Worst of all, I feel ashamed, knowing people have it worse than me, and even worse that I've been blessed with Islam, yet why doesn't my heart accept its beauty?

    It is like being shown light, but not entering it.

    There is a verse in the Quran or hadith I don't know.
    But there are 3 types of people.

    One like the barren ground / dirt. etc. And one with a lot of water who takes from it. And the other dirt who has water but doesn't take from it.. Something like that.

    I feel like light is right in front of me, but why am I not moving? The Quran is supposed to be my light. And Islam my entrance or something like that...

    I'm all to blame though. It is because of my sins, perhaps, even because i disobey. But it's like there is light right in front of me. The truth right before me. I feel it. Yet it is like I am not experiencing the beauty of Imaan. I don't know. But what I do know is. That I believe in Allah SWT, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Yet my heart feels "barren"?
    I believe in Allah SWT and His SWT messenger (SAW)

    Or is it just me not understanding the deen? Do I not understand the meaning of belief? But even my cousins who is like 6-9 years old believe... So easy... Yet me, here I stand.
    Does that make sense ? Is it just me being ungrateful?
    Should I just ignore this?
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