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When to give up/Stop making dua for something

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    Re: When to give up/Stop making dua for something

    Originally posted by Winter View Post
    Jazakallah Khair.
    After fard Salah and Read 3 times darood sharif before dua and one time darood sharif after dua.. If Allah SWT wants he will accept as soon as you say Ameen.
    But anyway its nice way
    Earth is not a place to make life perfect. So please never complain.

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      Re: When to give up/Stop making dua for something

      Originally posted by sister_82 View Post
      as salaam alaykum
      I was wondering if you make dua something for a long time and it has it not happened, should you give up on this thing and stop making dua for it to happen
      Wa 'alaykum salaam warahmatullah wa-barakatuh.

      If what you're asking is not haram and is something good, never give up in your supplications.
      It could be that before Allah answers your du'a, He could be also testing your patience. Allah knows best.
      It could be that through those du'a Allah will actually give you something better than you asked or has already given you something better but you did not know it was because of that du'a.
      It could be that because of that du'a, Allah prevented some harm from coming to you. Or it could also be that Allah is reserving the answer for something better in Jannah.
      You just never know.

      I've had time when I asked for something that almost seemed impossible, but it happened in such a short time that it almost scared me. Other times, years later I get what I asked or better.
      So I KNOW that whatever else may be left could be anything else I mentioned above or more. Allah shows us so many signs throughout our life that is it up to us to do the math and just realize that He is able to do anything else and even better at His own time. Allah is Al Hakim (The Wise) and Al 'Aleem (The Knowner of all things). We have nothing to worry about but to just move along.
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