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Male doctors

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    Re: Male doctors

    I've never even seen a female Muslim doctor before. Maybe I ought to look more into it, theres gotta be one.

    Lots of male Muslim doctors though. But then again, I'm just assuming they're Muslim by their name, probably ignorant of me to do that lol


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      Re: Male doctors

      Originally posted by Kya View Post
      For emergency situation "good doctor" doesn't matter, at that case any doctor will do. However, doctor is a form of customer service. And if the doctor is not providing adequate service, the patient will look else where. I never understood the notion of "good/bad" doctor, when I was young. My family went to local family (general) doctor because he spoke the same language as them & never thought of changing doc. It wasn't until few years into my adulthood that I started expecting more from my doctor. For general practitioner we have choose, I only go for common cold or yearly physical. I tried several doc before I was happy with one lady & started returning to her every year. Same with dentist and specialist & eye doctor. If they are waving me away & prescribing me medication before listening to me fully, I am not going to waste my time with them again. Its not about what the doctor knows, its about their behavior

      I still stick with female doctor but staying with female muslim doctor limits my option & again if the service isn't good, I am not going to that doctor if I can help it.
      Which is fine, you do what you do which is move until you are happy with the doctor. Just in this case you move from female doc to female doc until you are happy. Maybe depending on where you are your options might be limited but hopefully OP will find someone she's happy with :insha:

      I don't have a specific doctor I go to a surgery where there a several maybe 6-7 GPs on call. Some of them are locums so it could be any doctor. I've therefore seen lots of random doctors and the service I've got has always Alhamdulillah been fine.


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        Re: Male doctors

        In my opinion, for emergency situations or for normal routine check-ups, seeking a "good doctor" makes a whole lot of difference.

        Imagine the life of a loved one hanging in the balance in a hospital. At that time, all you need is someone who talks to you, to describe the situation, to give you an honest and compassionate feedback; a hope if possible, a preparation for the next phase when everything is left to the mercy of Allah. In a hospital setup, that “someone” should be a doctor. The man or the woman marveling in the white coat, hurrying from a room to another, saving lives and soothing pains.

        When that idealized hero decides to act in an arrogant, degrading and dismissive manner, then, there must be something wrong.

        In a survey conducted by a medical practitioner on social media, he asked his audience one single question “what makes a good doctor?” Out of the answers he received, the technical abilities came at the fifth position, leaving the first four to: Being empathetic, good listener, compassionate/caring, and humble, respectively.

        This is not meant to devalue the technical competency of medical practitioners. On the contrary, to be a doctor, it is automatically assumed that you are in possession of an above average intelligence, knowledge and ability to judge. In other words, a good doctor already have got the knowledge, he or she only needs the other face of the coin, the soft side of it.

        I have never been able to fathom doctors who are dismissive or rude. The practitioners of this holy profession lose all their nobility when they think that what they are doing is more of a favor rather than of service, when everything become about money, profits, and targets rather than the well-being of another human being.