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  • sad

    salam alaikum

    I feel so bad. with all the problems in my life, I envy some people around me like my friend and i hate feeling this.
    It's just too hard, i try praying , keeping making duas and talking to Allah SWT, i'm tired of everything.
    When a problem is resolved, another one comes, and in this life it's always gonna be like that. I know Allah tests us and Gives us trials for our good but idk i wanna give up, like now i don't care about everything, and just say Alhamdulilah
    I feel i'm in prison

    I know that there are people who are worst than me, i really do and i cry for them, i can't even imagine how they do to survive, even the muslims like in palestine but they still have a strong faith , make duas, pray to Allah SWT ! SoubhanAllah

    everybody talks about marriage, and dream but is it really good? When we see marriyng couples they don't seem and tell us, don't marry now like untill it's late, and enjoy, so what, marriage is so bad or what? I don't understand. And people are disgusting me, like i don't bare anyone, we can't trust anyone, people are selfish, i feel i don't wanna marry and have children (yes because now children are a big trial, when i see parents they all have some children with bad habits or do really bad things but can't do anything, maybe we are punished ? and a lot of children are suffering from their families i'm afraid i'll do the same and i don't want to ! ) and I used DREAMING about this once... I was reading about prophet's life, his wives, the companion's lives and wives, children, it was amazing, but maybe nowadays we can't anymore.
    Also, families : they don't want you to marry because you're young (i can't understand this, themselves they married younger than us, like 20, 21, 22, 23), because : you still have to finish studies and then work and then get married (but what the hell? We'll marry around 50 ? ), because you're not from the same village, because he's dark haired, because he's not a doctor , because this and this. Actually we are like dolls right? We can't control our own life. I agree we have to hear the advices and ask for but then it's our choice right? I'm so tired of everything.

    I just wanna be alone and in peace, i don't wanna hurt anyone or be hurt. I don't know what to do, how to act, what to say.

    We often make sacrifices for others and understand them, but they don't ! It's so unfair sometimes. Tired of being controlled and not being able to do anything.
    We can't even speak, because they get angry or "hurt", but WHAT? We can't explain and try to make things better for everybody? No no we can't speak or explain, you have to do that and that's it !

    I wasn't like that at all, I used to love people so much even strangers, i loved family, I love children ...

    (Ive heard a story : a woman died in time of the prophet sws, and it was said about her she was a really good muslim she was often fasting, she was doing everything a muslim should (almost) and has a really good reputation about it and the prophet said she would not enter paradise because she was bad with her neighboors. ) I mean, we just pray, fast ramadan, do good deeds when we can, do the regular things, eat halal and stuff, how are going to enter paradise? Because everybody sins ! And if this woman was perfect but only her behaviour with the neighboors, she's not going to paradise? I can't even count all the sins, bad stuff we do ... I'm afraid, and sometimes loosing hope.

    I'm sad, really sad.

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    Re: sad


    You remind me of myself. When I'm upset it's never just one thing that's bothering me.. it's always a plethora of little things that multiply until I completely lose it.

    The first thing that you should do is make dua, and not the typical almost robotic dua. The dua you make should come from the heart. Talk to Allah like you would talk to an old friend and then expect the tears because there's always tears. You'll feel so much better believe me.

    May Allah ease your pain.


    Ibn Umar was asked, “Did the sahaba laugh?” He said, “Yes, and the faith in their hearts was like mountains.”

    "You can not be the ummah that will call the world to goodness if you hate everybody else" - Nouman Ali Khan


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      Re: sad


      You are seriously Over thinking this.
      People say a lot of things and hurt people too. It is about finding the right balance in life. Nobody is saying you have to do it. The choice is yours. It's normal to feel envy and sad. But when it gets too much then problems will arise. You really have to be prepared for it.
      "Try to distance yourself from everything that causes you worry and sadness, so that you may always live with peace of mind and an open and tranquil heart, seeking Allah and His worship and working on your worldly and otherworldly matters, for if you try this, you will find rest.