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30 Preston Youth visit 3 Islamic Holy Sites including Al-Aqsa

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  • 30 Preston Youth visit 3 Islamic Holy Sites including Al-Aqsa

    Allhamdulillah, once again 30 Youth and Adults from
    Jamea Mosque (Clarendon St, Preston) successfully
    managed to Travel the 3 Most Holiest Sites in the
    Islamic World. Visiting the Haram As Sharif, Masjid e
    Aqsa was the highlight of the trip.

    Having endured a painstaking 9 hour wait at the border
    crossing, to enter the holy land was most Ironic. The
    true reality of oppression and control of the Israelis
    is made apparent at the crossing and checkpoints.
    Palestinians, whose land it is, get turned back from
    entering withouht ANY justification at the whims of
    the Israeli officials.

    Upon entering Al-Quds (Jerusalem) the views are

    From the Rooftop of the Hashimi Hotel, a stonethrow
    away, stands the gleaming In the sun, Masjid-e-Aqsa
    and Masjid-e-Umar (Dome of the rock).

    Visiting the rest place of Prophet Ibrahim AS and his
    family in Al-Khalil (Hebron) was a blessing form

    After many a checks we were able to enter the mosque
    and visit the tombs, sending prayers and salutations
    upon the blessed family.

    A day was spent in Ariha (Jericho), the oldest city to
    be discovered. Visiting the Refugee camps, one sees
    the basic lifestyles the Palestinian people live in.
    Each person you meet tells a story, with most being
    too much for us to bear. How they must feel to live
    with this day in day out?

    Bait-a-Lahm (Bethlehem) is the home of the Holy
    Trinity Church. The birthplace of Hadhrat Isa AS. It
    was comforting to see that the Muslim presence in this
    holy city is still striving.

    Within Al-Quds (Jerusalem) sights of significancee
    consist of, Masjid-e-Umar (Where the khalifah prayed
    outside the church, not Dome of the Rock), Salahuddin
    Ayyubi Mosque, The Haram-as-Sharif, Dome of the Rock,
    Jabal-az-Zaytoun (Mount of Olives), Graves of Rabia
    Adwiya RA and Salman Farsi and many more which we
    didn’t have the time to visit.

    Not forgetting the Arab Souk (Shopping), one enjoys
    walking through the Old City with the hustle of the
    packed streets.

    As youth have it, the group could not hesitate in
    taking up an offer by the loacal Al-Aqsa youths for a
    game of Football. Who won…. It’s still under dispute!

    The Local Palestinnians you meet, are probably the
    best at heart you shall find around the world, having
    been given a dawah for Evening Dinner by the
    youngsters of Al-Aqsa, and a Breakfast invitation by
    the Imam of
    Masjid-e-Aqsa. Subhanallah, such is the hospitality
    of the people!

    If anything, it’s a place one can’t describe until one
    sees it for his/herself!

    A full detailed report will soon be available for all
    to read on,

    Wahhabis Refuted


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